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It doesn't need to be that big, just an idea. But right now you're forced to use grid view to see decent size artwork. The largest I can view artwork outside of the grid is nearly half the size:


I don't know how many people use grid, but for me it's a no. So I'm stuck with smaller than possible artwork. I would be happy with the larger grid artwork as long as there wasn't albums side by side.

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The alternate Now-Playing layout without track info labels obscuring the image, ends up scaling down the size of the art considerably as it moves track info labels beneath the art. (For my device and its aspect ratio this is not a good option at alllll...)

Being able to view cover art in the proposed 1 item wide grid / column with large art and meta beneath it would be the next best way to view album art more fully while browsing, and not having to interrupt playback just to see it bigger.

I feel like it would be most useful with some sort of "snap-to" mechanic that would cause a vertical scroll to end in a standardized position where the album art and meta are both fully visible in most scenarios.

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