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  1. I had to turn off auto rescan because Poweramp was constantly losing songs for no reason. So now I only run into the problem when I add new tracks and perform a rescan to find the new songs, it often loses a few dozen songs that already existed in the library. I have to perform a full rescan sometimes more than once to get the old songs back. It's random every time which songs it chooses. Sometimes I know because I have a bunch of unknown artists pop up, other times I am looking for an album days later and I can't find it anywhere, not even in folder view. I do a full rescan and it reappears. I am now keeping track of the number of songs in my library and I keep scanning after adding new songs until the right number appears. This started happening around the time the multi artist update came through. Library is 14k+ Android 11, currently using Sony 5 II for the last few months. I was using Sony Compact 5 and it was doing the same thing.
  2. @maxmp It would be awesome if there was a way to sort by top rated or most played artist and not just songs. Like if an artist had 50 five star songs, Poweramp would be able to sort artists category by that number. I think it would have to be by total number and not by percentages. So if an artist only had 10 songs and 7 of them were 5 star, I don't think that would trump an artist with 100 songs and only 50 were 5 star. Also if I've played one song a billion times, and no other artist songs combined reached that number, I still think that's my top played artist. This would get way too complicated to implement to albums. An album with 8 songs, all 5 stars would want to be higher than an album with 20 songs with 9 being 5 stars and 11 being 1 star. Play count would make no sense either if I've played one song a billion times and the rest of the album once. Albums could be sorted by top rated, but I think it would have to be a manual rating added to the album just like rating each song. That's a whole different feature request though.
  3. There is Unicode character 🆨 for hi-res that should work but might be hard to see. I'm not sure about sq.
  4. That would be fine. At least you get the bigger artwork.
  5. It doesn't need to be that big, just an idea. But right now you're forced to use grid view to see decent size artwork. The largest I can view artwork outside of the grid is nearly half the size: I don't know how many people use grid, but for me it's a no. So I'm stuck with smaller than possible artwork. I would be happy with the larger grid artwork as long as there wasn't albums side by side.
  6. It would be nice if it was a category. Within it was a list of user defined favorites. Whether the favorites contained albums, artists, genres, etc. All drill down able.
  7. Currently this is the largest you can view lists, and I hate viewing albums in a grid. It would be nice if you could get at least a list view with this large artwork. Or even larger yet... Either way the info could move below the artwork and less would be chopped off.
  8. I think the toyed around with idea of a favorites category could help with this and a few other big requests. If there was a favorites category, you could add any genres you wanted to the Favorite "Pop/Rock". You could also add a bunch of albums and songs to a favorite and this would solve the request for playlists that include drill down albums rather than just songs. This may eliminate the need for some wanting dynamic playlists. Or you could add a bunch of artists to a favorite and then this would resolve the request for some people of being able to sort Genre->artist->albums. Some people just want to be able to group artists and name it something and they're trying to use genre to accomplish it. There's probably a few other special requests this would solve, but you get the idea.
  9. Funny, I've been using the orange diamond. I like the way it separate the artists.
  10. Still not true. It can find any file and re-apply the rating if the path of the playlist isn't overly complicated. I added every single file in my library to a Poweramp created playlist and exported it before I lost the ratings. I Opened it in notepad and removed the SD card path and also left only one folder up for each file. This took some time to edit, but Magically after re-scanning the playlist all of my ratings came back. I have 14045 songs according to the songs category and wouldn't you know it, 14045 in my playlist i just re-imported. That's with "Don't add duplicates" selected. You can invent lots of possible scenarios of someone being absolutely terrible at naming files and folders. All of those examples you gave would have year, episode, score or soundtrack title, track numbers, artist or composer information in any normal library. I agree your scenario is possible, although not probable that particular person with such terrible library organization skills could care about a handful of ratings or playlist entries being incorrect. I think we're in the territory of not seeing the Forrest for the trees. Everyone is set up to have a 100% rating data loss to circumvent the potential one in a million who will lose a handful.
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