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  1. @maxmp It would be awesome if there was a way to sort by top rated or most played artist and not just songs. Like if an artist had 50 five star songs, Poweramp would be able to sort artists category by that number. I think it would have to be by total number and not by percentages. So if an artist only had 10 songs and 7 of them were 5 star, I don't think that would trump an artist with 100 songs and only 50 were 5 star. Also if I've played one song a billion times, and no other artist songs combined reached that number, I still think that's my top played artist. This would get way too complicated to implement to albums. An album with 8 songs, all 5 stars would want to be higher than an album with 20 songs with 9 being 5 stars and 11 being 1 star. Play count would make no sense either if I've played one song a billion times and the rest of the album once. Albums could be sorted by top rated, but I think it would have to be a manual rating added to the album just like rating each song. That's a whole different feature request though.
  2. There is Unicode character 🆨 for hi-res that should work but might be hard to see. I'm not sure about sq.
  3. That would be fine. At least you get the bigger artwork.
  4. It doesn't need to be that big, just an idea. But right now you're forced to use grid view to see decent size artwork. The largest I can view artwork outside of the grid is nearly half the size: I don't know how many people use grid, but for me it's a no. So I'm stuck with smaller than possible artwork. I would be happy with the larger grid artwork as long as there wasn't albums side by side.
  5. It would be nice if it was a category. Within it was a list of user defined favorites. Whether the favorites contained albums, artists, genres, etc. All drill down able.
  6. Currently this is the largest you can view lists, and I hate viewing albums in a grid. It would be nice if you could get at least a list view with this large artwork. Or even larger yet... Either way the info could move below the artwork and less would be chopped off.
  7. I think the toyed around with idea of a favorites category could help with this and a few other big requests. If there was a favorites category, you could add any genres you wanted to the Favorite "Pop/Rock". You could also add a bunch of albums and songs to a favorite and this would solve the request for playlists that include drill down albums rather than just songs. This may eliminate the need for some wanting dynamic playlists. Or you could add a bunch of artists to a favorite and then this would resolve the request for some people of being able to sort Genre->artist->albums. Some people just want to be able to group artists and name it something and they're trying to use genre to accomplish it. There's probably a few other special requests this would solve, but you get the idea.
  8. Funny, I've been using the orange diamond. I like the way it separate the artists.
  9. Still not true. It can find any file and re-apply the rating if the path of the playlist isn't overly complicated. I added every single file in my library to a Poweramp created playlist and exported it before I lost the ratings. I Opened it in notepad and removed the SD card path and also left only one folder up for each file. This took some time to edit, but Magically after re-scanning the playlist all of my ratings came back. I have 14045 songs according to the songs category and wouldn't you know it, 14045 in my playlist i just re-imported. That's with "Don't add duplicates" selected. You can invent lots of possible scenarios of someone being absolutely terrible at naming files and folders. All of those examples you gave would have year, episode, score or soundtrack title, track numbers, artist or composer information in any normal library. I agree your scenario is possible, although not probable that particular person with such terrible library organization skills could care about a handful of ratings or playlist entries being incorrect. I think we're in the territory of not seeing the Forrest for the trees. Everyone is set up to have a 100% rating data loss to circumvent the potential one in a million who will lose a handful.
  10. Poweramp isn't really losing ratings because of files moving, it's losing them due to how it stores the ratings. My manually created m3u8 playlist: #EXT-X-RATING:5 ../The Neighbourhood - 03 $TING.flac Poweramp created playlist: #EXT-X-RATING:5 6AEA-DC14/Music/Neighbourhood, The/(2013) The Love Collection (EP) - The Neighbourhood/The Neighbourhood - 03 $TING.flac Having the SD card path is the first 'no no' as you can't upgrade your card without losing everything. How much of the rest of the path needs to be there is debatable, but I think only one folder would solve this issue in most instances. But, it isn't even necessary to have folders in the list at all for Poweramp to find the files. I can just use a playlist manager or manually make the playlists myself. But obviously at that point, it's easier to just add the rating to the music file. Also there is no benefit of using a playlist manager because as soon as you update a rating in Poweramp, your path will be overwritten on the external playlists and you're still vulnerable to lose the entire rating for that file. This basically corrupts your external playlists. Obviously using playlists to manage your ratings is a patch to not have to write directly to files on the fly as it could cause corrupt files. I would suggest Poweramp includes an option that READS embedded file ratings, and they can only be WRITTEN to the file using the same dialog as editing tags. I don't need the quick swipe feature for ratings, I think most people would trade it for direct embedding in a heartbeat. I noticed sometimes the ratings get changed accidentally, so i would prefer they were locked.
  11. I would have to call this buggy the way Poweramp saves/reads ratings because I found if the relative path for the file is changed the rating is wiped. You can keep the tags and filename unmodified, but that doesn't appear to matter. Simply renaming a folder or moving the file from one folder to another wipes the rating. I wonder if that means going to a new sd card will wipe the ratings also because a lot of times different sd cards have different emulated paths. So after moving a file or renaming a folder i have to rescan and sometimes resolve playlist and the rating is then lost. I tried exporting the playlist before the file move with the rating showing in the playlist. Then importing the saved playlist after the file move. Poweramp will find the song(s) every time, but the rating is lost. The way Poweramp is set up for ratings it is very fragile. I've re-entered ratings for thousands of files twice now, and I will be embedding them from now on and I guess not be able to see them in Poweramp due to it not being stable. Hopefully this will be at least readable in the future, right now it's set up for a loss.
  12. I think your tags are incorrect Try this: Song 1: Artist = Shreya Goshai, Album Title = Aashiqui 2, Album Artist = Kompilasi Song 2: Artist = Arijit Singh, Album Title = Aashiqui 2, Album Artist = Kompilasi Song 3: Artist = Palak Muchhai, Arijit Singh, Album Title = Aashiqui 2, Album Artist = Kompilasi
  13. I Do. Most of the time I use artist to browse music. I only use folder view of I'm trying to look at ONLY albums by that artist(s). For example if I go to blink-182 in my Artist category, I see 39 albums. This is because I'm utilizing multiple artists tags and I'm seeing all albums they appear on. Even an album where they are only on one song as a guest. The only way to see just blink 182 albums (including all of the side projects) is to go to folders view. Then I see 17 folders (albums). There's just no good way to group specific albums and still see the correct tags other than genre and folders. It really muddies up the genre section though. It would be nice if there was a favorites category, where you could group any albums together and name them. Like a playlist at the album sorting level rather than song level. Maybe that would be a better solution than trying to advance the folder view.
  14. This still didn't appear to do anything. In folders I set folders view to "sort by date added" and chose " reverse" then files I did the same. I moved over to hierarchy and everything is still sorted by "filename". All of my files are in folders where no other folders exist. Regardless this wouldn't really solve either of my requests because you don't have the ability to sort folders by year or anything useful. You're stuck with OS structure sorting name/path/date/# of files
  15. I'm not sure what this actually does? On my device there is no change at all in folder hierarchy, whether it's on or off. ? alternative/b/blink-182/(2004) Take Off Your Pants And Jacket - Blink-182/01 anthem part two.mp3 I can set any of those levels of folders to year and when I go back the files are also on year. I change the sort back to filename while I'm looking at the files and now all of the folders are changed also all of the way back to root. I would think Poweramp could discern between folders and files and sort them differently. If there is sub folders within a folder Poweramp would ignore custom sorting and use name sorting like it currently does. Only the bottom folder with files could sort custom. It works like that now, however it changes the files also.
  16. I like to use FOLDER view for certain navigating, but currently there is two things that are making it confusing: First, I would like to sort FOLDERS and FILES differently. It seems Poweramp only allows you to choose one sort option and that is applied to all folders and files, and then Poweramp sorts by title. For me, it would just be really nice if you could actually sort FOLDERS by "Year" and then sort FILES by "Filename". Currently if you change the sort method to anything else (Example: "Sort by Year") your albums will be in the correct order, but then it sorts your songs by title (which results in all of your songs being out of order in each album). If you choose sort by "Filename", to get your songs in the right order, then it sorts your albums by folder name, causing them to be out of order unless you use the most primitive folder structure: "(YEAR) Album Title" and the end result is most of the title is cut off, unless you view on your phone in landscape mode or you sacrifice the artwork. It seems "Sort by Filename" is the only usable option to not cause random sorting somewhere else, due to the lack of being able to sort FOLDERS and FILES differently. Second, it would be nice if you could use "Compact List view" to remove ONLY the parent FOLDER info and not the Artist info for FILES. Currently it removes both. If you have a folder for a band (Example: Blink-182), within that folder you would have albums by 'Blink-182", "Travis Barker", "Angels & Airwaves", "Box Car Racer", "+44" and "Tom Delonge". This is an example of my very simple structure: Blink-182/ (2002) Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer/ (2004) Take Off Your Pants And Jacket - Blink-182/ (2006) We Don't Need To Whisper - Angels & Airwaves/ (2006) When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44/ (2011) Give The Drummer Some - Travis Barker/ (2012) Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal - Angels & Airwaves/ (2015) To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends - Tom Delonge/ and in Poweramp, this is what it looks like: (2012) Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal - Angels & Airwaves [some of this gets Cut-Off Screen if album art is present, if you remove the 'Angels & Airwaves' then the parent folder info below it makes this very confusing] Blink-182 [Parent Folder, which shouldn't be here for this album] To correct that Parent folder info, you would have to completely splice the structure (removing all constructiveness) and bounce back and forth to see the albums broken into small pieces: Blink-182/ +44/ (2006) When Your Heart Stops Beating/ Angels & Airwaves/ (2006) We Don't Need To Whisper/ (2012) Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal/ Blink-182/ (2004) Take Off Your Pants And Jacket/ Box Car Racer/ (2002) Box Car Racer/ Tom Delonge/ (2015) To the Stars... Demos, Odds and Ends/ Travis Barker/ (2011) Give The Drummer Some/ Maybe if you had a very simple library with only one artist per folder, seeing parent folder wouldn't bother you, but at that point, you should know you're looking at an album list of that one artist and the info is irrelevant. But you almost always need to see the artist info in files: Even if you had zero songs with multiple artists, If you navigate to a folder that has multiple files by different artists, seeing just song titles would be tough to discern songs.
  17. Right, but SD cards have a 2% failure rate and Stolen or Lost phones are at 7%. On the other hand all Phones have a 100% failure rate so you're gonna lose that Internal Memory. You have a 91% chance of getting that same SD card into another phone.
  18. I don't think you understand what we are taking about. We are taking about when you have multiple embedded covers in an album and Poweramp chooses the wrong one as the main thumbnail in album list. The only way to bypass the one Poweramp had chosen at main and still keep the individual different embedded covers is currently is to go deep into Poweramp folders and manually place a jpg. Versus having a tick box or folder.jpg like v2 used to.
  19. I would suggest a tick box that allows you to choose which of the covers for that album to display as the main cover. But, I think the simplest answer is for Poweramp to show folder/cover.jpg that that file is in as the thumbnail cover for the album.
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