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Completely remove album art

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I've seen beautiful screens in other apps where no album art is shown. Since I don't have/want any I'd like to have that possibility in PA too. Instead please show the background when toggled off.


Better still is to be able to rearrange what's on the screen in this case as most info is cramped into the bottom 1 inch. Would be very nice if we can either rearrange the sections or at least give them more space to "breathe".


Minimalism goes a long way. Especially because we can't see music 😉

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8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

@Mixified used to have quite a long and extensive thread here for his skin, but for some reason it's now hidden and he hasn't been on these forums for a year or so. Not sure why? 


His preference is to communicate by direct email now.

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