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  1. Yes, you have to switch them On to be Off. Or the other way around. Nobody really knows. But I do confirm you need to do "something" with them, which is confirmed in many other posts as well. drftr
  2. Well, that's about the same answer I'm getting on the UAPP forum about Poweramp, so I guess we're all simply defending our own takes. Oh well... drftr
  3. I don't think that's the question nor the problem and I exactly consider it an excellent question: Why / how can some apps reach more amplification than others? You gave some good potential reasons, but I can imagine why the OP is interested in finding out as I've had volume problems myself earlier on. And having a setting for "11" doesn't mean you have to use it. It maybe simply make you more comfortable (and the sound quality better) to reach for 9 in your settings. drftr
  4. I got around this a few decades ago by doing something similar to Andre's first suggestion (but the other way 'round) and have adopted the system that a country name has the continent it belongs to as a prefix. So when searching for music from Nigeria I know I have to look at the tag "Africa: Nigeria". But this way I can also find all music for African countries. Same same but different. And works like a charm no matter what music app you use now or in the future. drftr
  5. Audiophiles probably make up less than 0.01% percent of music lovers so that may explain the choice. Most will simply be impressed to read that the app can "upsample" and drink a beer on it 😞 drftr
  6. I'm sure I've seen comments of him about Hiby R5 support and an app that could be received by email. The same may exist (or work) for your device. Just try. drftr
  7. Have you contacted Davy on the possibility to buy it directly? He's extremely helpful. I don't see why you would have to remain logged on though? drftr
  8. I'm in the same boat but have accepted the fact that I will have to look for a different app for this. I want my music app to do exactly NOTHING to the source signal. A source signal can never ever be improved; only distorted to make it sound more comfortable. These are completely different goals and audiophiles will always choose for zero intervention. It's disturbing to see there's basically only UAPP taking a zero intervention approach while being still being an app that is workable. drftr
  9. Tha Thanks Max. I have all options on the notifications tab in PO switched off, notifications in Android 11 are off for PA. In addition to that Do Not Disturb is on, the Always On display is off, Google Assistant is off, Bixby is off, Appear On Top is off, Floating Notations is off, notifications on the lock screen are off, and all widgets are off. Can't get it further "off" unless I remove the battery! A joke, isn't it? drftr
  10. Thanks much for all the suggestions guys. If I ever need to change anything with this thread I have an excellent starting point. drftr
  11. Anyone having suggestions on this one? Saw somebody suggesting turning off waking up the screen with a double tap, and although that might work I'm not really interested to change the way I interact with my phone because of the notification of one single app that shouldn't be on that screen in the first place. Nor do I want to check my phone every 30 minutes whether maybe Poweramp has started playing. Tnx... drftr
  12. Oh boy... You're asking for a lenghty answer... Greatest Hits from one and the same artist would be easy as they would simply carry the name of that artist, so it's only when you have multiple artists that the problem would arise. Luckily they wouldn't call those albums Greatest Hits, though I would be at risk if I had several different series of "Greatest hits of the 80s" or something. I haven't run into that situation as I hate compilations anyway 🙂 The only ones I collect are from historical jazz and world music recordings from, say, 80-100 years ago. But they mostly have very ecclectic titles to show off what they're about. If I would run into a single isolated problem then I would probably simply create something like "AlbumTitle ~ PublisherName". The problems started when iTunes kept started doing something completely different with every single release. I'm probably talking 2000-2001-2002 here. I got so annoyed the way they threw albums with the same name in the same map, the way they handled AlbumArtist, the way they thought they could handle "the" and "a" in front of a name better than I could, etcetera, etcetera, that I told them to FO and I deleted all their crap that would work one month but not the next and completely normalized what I had at the time with the only information that I really needed. Apart from an iPod I also had a Zune player at the time, and I tagged it in a way that through both player menus I could do exactly what I wanted, and called the rest nonsense that might or might not change in the next release - I wouldn't know and I would no longer mind. Last thing about compilations: Since I tend to listen to albums chronologically and simply pick out a year, I don't want compilations to mess up what I'm listening to as they often represent a decade or more, while I want to pick a single year as I feel that even across styles they often DO represent something communal. Not sure if you saw it from a screenshot I shared in another thread but I use a mix of the genre and year as a prefix to the album title, like "p1965 ~ Revolver". Obviously this started with the same crappy beginnings of music apps and players as in the app I could add the year but it never showed up in the player - totally useless. I solved it this way, so each album starts with a c(lassical), j(azz), p(opular), or w(orld), followed by the year, then a ~ and then the album name, possibly followed by [1] or [2] in case of more disks. But to recognize compilations of one single artist I would use "p0000 ~ Greatest Hits", while for compilations with multiple artists I use "p9999 ~ Greatest Hits". This way they never ever interfere when using Albums as an entry. And what year to ise for a compilation anyway? The first year? The last? The publishing date? It never made any sense to me. Like having a compilation with early sixties music being tagged with 2021 as it was released this year while there's nkt a single link with other music from 2021. There was another thread about changing Genre / Album in to Genre / Artist / Album that I'm sure you'll remember. Since I'm going through my tagging here anyway I'll show you why I would really dislike that idea: My genres obviously are as simple as Classical, Jazz, Popular, and World, BUT the last one always has the addition of the country name the music is from, like "World: Afghanistan". This allows me when travelling in Afghanistan to click Genre, World: Afghanistan, and I have all relevant albums from my library right there. If there would be an artist name added between Genre and Album then obviously this would all of a sudden fail after 20 years as no other player is doing it that way. So yes, it's born out of early software/hardware related problems, but after 2 full decades I still haven't had a single day that I thought it didn't work as intended. Just did a quick check and saw that I would have to re-tag 5,563 albums so I wouldn't be tempted anyway! A lot of useless info here, but it shows there's different systems for many of us, and making a seemingly easy development decision within an app can lead to abandoning that app. Unless you can simply toggle on/off the change of course, but that would possibly ask too much from any developer, I absolutely understand that. drftr
  13. I know... Slowly preparing for a keyboard-less life though so I'm curious for what other people use. I have somewhere between 3,500 and 5,000 albums tagged so I should be good for a couple of weeks! It's mostly new productions that I would have to tag, think max 50 per year or so. Should be doable on a phone. drftr
  14. About 90% of my listening is Album based, mostly picking out a random year to (re)live it. The other 10% is used for Genre, in which I list the country name, mostly for world music. This helps me a lot as I'm only travelling developing countries and often want to plunge into what their cultures have to offer. Did you ever find a great Android tagger? drftr
  15. Remember I use Artist in the normal way so it's always filled with the correct artist, except for compilations that I prefer to have isolated from the rest. The main reason is that I'm an album-listener only and had huge problems when iTunes f#d it up about a decade ago. I created my own system and have never wanted to go back, so I never have any work on filling out Album Artist and stuff. I simply delete the data. Thanks for your suggestions though! drftr
  16. I use normalization in a different way to avoid these problems as they're different in each and every app. My artist for all compilations is Various Artists so that I can easily find them all. Then I add the artist to the actual song title, as in: This Is The Song ~ I'm The Artist For me this has the benefit that if an artist sings one single duet or so with someone then I simply add that name after the ~. drftr
  17. Are you sure you need it though? I have never ever used it and have never missed it. drftr
  18. Lockscreen Notifications is completely switched off, Hide Content is on, and all Poweramp notifications in the app and in Android are off. Puzzled... drftr
  19. I've seen plenty referrals to music automatically starting to play when the phone is off and in your pocket, but unfortunately the solutions shared don't do it for me. Is there any new insight about how to completely remove Poweramp from the logon screen on Android 11? I never asked it to be there and have all relevant options toggled off. Still my monster machine insists. Tnx... drftr
  20. I know... But since I'm permanently travelling I'd like to get rid of my tablet sooner rather than later. So I'm looking for the best compromise. It doesn't have to do anything more than iTunes really. I'll add Auto Tagger to my shortlist and hope others throw in comparable or better options. drftr
  21. Anyone aware of a great Android-based app for editing tags? Like many things on Android they all seem to suck one way or the other. drftr
  22. Exactly. I used it a few days ago to do an overnight battery test for my Bluetooth headphones. Simply click all the albums you want to play and they're added to the queue. After you're done playing simply delete the queue. It's really very simple and effective. drftr
  23. I've had this with other players in the past and got around it by putting the disk number behind the title. So I have: Songs In The Key Of Life [1] Songs In The Key Of Life [2] In addition to that I fill in disk info like 1/2 and 2/2. Hope you'll find the underlying problem though... drftr
  24. Thanks - no day without learning something new! drftr
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