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Double beep during music playback via Bluetooth


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I have similar experience with my Bluetooth headset, but it happens once in a while. 

If I pause playback for a while (not too sure about the time) ten minutes, pressing play skips to next song. The first time I noticed it, I said maybe the song has elapsed so I didn't worry, but it has happened in songs I know well, it's not a big deal, I just want to share. 

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Hi, I have this problem: I listen the music with bluethoot headphones, I lock the phone, then when I unlock,  there's a double beep, the music stops (about 5 seconds ) and the music restarts. Everytime, when I unlock the phone, it happens. I have to restart the phone to solve the problem.

Xperia 10ll

Android 11

Poweramp Build 910


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These sort of sounds can't be coming from Poweramp, the only tones PA can generate are the button indication sounds in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Beep. There is some notification being generated by the phone, or another app. Might be worth disabling all Notifications in PA to see if whatever is triggering is being caused by notifications occurring.


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I conjecture that the manufacturer of the speaker omitted to list double beep signal in the manual or it is just a glitch, because this strange double beep occurs when the battery level is relatively low. After the full charge of the left speaker the problem solved. 

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