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  1. NickIst

    So many genres...

    Some of these could be combined, especially the last one
  2. NickIst

    So many genres...

    Generally I use Wikipedia if there are references to some sources (e.g interview. reviews) stating that. But mainly I tag it with the precision to the album, excepting interludes or intros who sometimes is just a speech or sfx.
  3. Have you already tried all the options proposed by the player? I can't say where, but technically there is a PA folder for grabbing downloaded additional presets
  4. NickIst

    New FAQ

    They should, but as practice of life shows they don't
  5. NickIst

    New FAQ

    From time to time I see people posting the questions about ordinary functions or options from the menu. Also there are questions about output, resamplers etc. Maybe it's time to form a new FAQ for the new version of the player?
  6. NickIst

    Multiple composers

    In fact the genres are correctly displayed in PA, thus I assume it supports multiple tags. So maybe it's a bug?
  7. The issue is how the album produced I think, I noticed that with the feature turned on the player can trim a part of silence in a hidden track or in a long gap (in broad meaning which consists of digital silence and dithering). But I think further testing will be needed to say it for sure.
  8. In V.2, sometimes it can trim partially hidden tracks or trim too much digital silence, because digital silence often is a part of artist conception. At the time I listened to mp3 too btw. In the v.3 I don't use it because I chose correctly converted FLACs with cue over lossy.
  9. @DeadHead2112 Try to recode your library with cuetools or similar software.
  10. Ingeneral any cut silence function often cut out the hidden tracks and intros. So I consider redownload all the rips or recode CDs always will be a more reasonable choice.
  11. NickIst

    Volume Control/Slider

    I don't think that this is the prodigy case. No offense😁
  12. NickIst

    dynamic range compression

    As I thought. Thus it could be useful for some genres of music. I listen to rock and its derivatives, in which DR higher than 12-14 is rarity.
  13. NickIst

    dynamic range compression

    Asking just from curiosity, you need a compressor to decrease dynamic range in order to compensate loud environmrent? Usually the extensive and senseless use of compressor make the qualityh worse.
  14. NickIst

    We need pitch control

    Evidences like the Americans didn't land on the moon, or Hitler died in South America/Argentina or homeopathy cures and vaccines do not. The theory is not contorversial, it's a pure conspirological delirium. Especially taking into account that the vienna composers used different frequencies for referencies, used tuning forks which has 422.5-1.6 hz. The whole thing is the same as every conspirological theory: lies, ignorance, misunderstanding, playing with dates (Nazi, Verdi and others) and inner satisfacton caused by the possession of 'true knowledge" Unfortunately in Russian: https://habr.com/company/pult/blog/407637/ P.S. I don't need that nonsense.😄