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  1. In my use-case scenario, I can't reproduce bug with genres as my desktop software player's (MusicBee) tagging tools, use ony one string for genres. Regarding composer it has two type of fields: display composer and composer. By the way MusicBee says that m4a files use MPEG tags. Updated images
  2. @andrewilley thanks for the suggestion. But I'm not sure whether it's possible to implement this workaround in automated manner and not to put manually composers in one string with semicolon as a separator. You know, it'll be quite a drudgery)
  3. @andrewilley Hello Andre! Unfortunatel, I ja e to reopen this thread. I have a problem or maybe a lack of knowledge with multiple composer tags. In current PA version 977, multiple tags version work fine with tags for flac files. But the same files converted into AAC format, with the same tagging as in flac files (Display composer= A composer; B composer; C composer and three separate entries COMPOSER) are read by the PA like a single string: A composer B composer C composer. In other words PA ignores ; as separator in m4a files, despite the relevant options chosen in the settings. Attached screenshots with the same track but in different formats. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or limitations set by AAC format itself. Just want to know whether it can be solved or maybe I should regard using Vorbis format instead
  4. I conjecture that the manufacturer of the speaker omitted to list double beep signal in the manual or it is just a glitch, because this strange double beep occurs when the battery level is relatively low. After the full charge of the left speaker the problem solved.
  5. @andrewilley No, it's beep sound like when you're calling someone and waiting for them to answer. It occurs during the playback of a song
  6. @andrewilley No, it does not. Could it be a pairing issue, because speaker (JBL-like form factor) actually consistis of two halves (master and slave)
  7. Has ever anybody got stuck with double beep (almost like during a phone call) when playbacked music via Bluetooth on a external speaker? It seems to be a software interference, but I don't know the source.
  8. Yes, I also thought about carriage returns, however the semicolon is actually used. 565465337_01-FamousForNothing.flac 01 - Famous For Nothing.m4a
  9. I have a problem with the composers tag splitting. Despite the tags being splitted, PA stills unifies them under one string. Yo can see it on the screenshots below. Another thing I'm quering about is the artists tags. As far as I've got it, currently performer or guest artists tags (in Vorbis) are not supported?
  10. Another useful info. According to the findings from the post below, it's better to turn off bit/banwidth mode and to use only bit mode or to turn the UHQ completely https://www.head-fi.org/threads/analyzing-samsung-uhq-upscaler-with-measurements-on-galaxy-note-8-exynos.873550/
  11. My advice will be to use 48Khz or divisible rates, as Samsungs and as far as I heard majority of smartphones has only one oscillator which works with 48 Khz and it's better to upscale a bit tracks with more widespread 44.1 Khz.
  12. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960F Android 9 firmware N960FXXU2CRLT Hi-res worked before the last Android 9 update. When I try to use the output the error message pops up and Open SL ES is used
  13. If we're speaking about people's hearing it's a very subjective field. Although I should admit that defined numbers or measures won't bring us much truth. We still listen to music with ears. From my experience I can say that if we're talking about a decent home audio system mp3 and FLAC can be relatively easy distinguished, also I did some test in the car with mp3 and aac, but it's another story. Yes, from the point of view of human senses it'd not be. For me Hi-Res can be just a gurantee to our inernal paranoid perfectionist. P.S. Mainly I download music so I don't pay for it.
  14. Well that's a very dubious argument, from my point of view of course. If we are talking about old music and lossy/lossless format of course it'd better to have a lossless variant, because lossy formats still cut off a lot of information and you can't say for sure what is cut off. I heard the same opinion that it's wise to store the old music in the lossy formats, because "lossy format for lo-fi", however i consider the opposite, firstly as i mentioned before it's better to preserve the original source (tape or vinyl) in digital format with the help of lossless which gives more headroom or guarantee that nothing will be lost. Lossy can't assure that, because it's not his aim. Secondly it's an off topic but I store everything in FLAC, but listen in lossy for the sake of convenience, and because of that I can change lossy formats easily with converting them. Finally what I'm implying (that's why I've written alll the above) is that even Hi-res (16+/44.1+) can give some advancement: but, Firstly it'd rather be dependent upon the source, music, remaster or original (the issue with harshness) etc. And secondly it's likely that the advancement will be inaudible in most cases due to hearing or hardware limitations. P.S. harshness can be sometimes related not to Hi-Res, lossless issue but to equipment and production of the music.
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