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  1. Oversampling is possible in PA, but oversampling itself doesn't give any improvements to sound, quite contrary it can easily increase the amount of distortion. Tone regulators for bass and treble are always available in the eq screen
  2. I mean Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks
  3. Can somebody explain the idea of the new Album Artist... . I flicked it on and off but didn't tumble to its functionality
  4. Yes I know, that's what I meant a metadata line.
  5. Thanks for fix of the Samsung Pie Hi-Res. Can you explain how it works with Samsung bit upscaling, because before PA (before the Pie update broke hires) displayed the 24 bit in audio output string in the track info
  6. Or technically speaking a 44,1 khz oscillator/tone generator
  7. Generally yes. It's DVC which eliminates all additional manufacturer sound effects. However manufacturer updates can derange its work, like it's on the v826 with Samsung
  8. Feature requests should be posted in the corresponding thread. Plus such feature doesn't have any sense as the hardware will convert it to 48kHz anyway.
  9. In Music Bee cover art is displayed
  10. Except RG I don't recall anything. You can turn DVC it's far more better, but you'll lose factory made effects, if they're important for you. For me yes. Also you can change sample rate in order to optimize hardware's work to 48 and its multiples or to 44.1.and its multiples. Also you can turn off all transitions, crossfades etc.In fact most of the options are a matter of taste, hardware limitations etc. And the last two are more tweaks than a decisive improvement
  11. It won't help in Note 9 and the same generation device because there is no separate switch for UHQ upscaler.
  12. Some walkarounds which work on my Note 9
  13. UPD. Another walkaround Hi-Res, No DVC, MusicFX on, but with 16/44.1. But in fact FX doesn't work complettely in both cases or at least the PA doesn't show anymore 16 to 24 bit conversion. However if during playback I change to 16/48 the player automatically will change the output to OpenSL ES and the error message pops again.
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