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  1. I have the same issue, it seems even with whitelisting PA in battery manager, the latter one kills it anyway. I've checked Wakelock in PA settings but it doesn't help. It kills while I'm doing something. When the PA only is active the battery manager doesn't kill it. Files are in Flac or mp3 PA v3 860 Android10. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. @Валера С. В настройках выхода или просто в настройках звука смотрел DVC Bluetooth? Скрины ни о чем не говорят
  3. Pressed 3 dots button on playlist header (cover). But after the restart of the app it's ok. I can't reproduce it now.
  4. There is the same function in Samsungs, but I'm not sure that Max will implement this in nearest future.
  5. Thanks for the update. Did you tweak volume control? It works better on 90%, no conspicuous transiton effect in frequency balance, as it was earlier, though for me it's not a listening level.
  6. Personally I use MB, for me AIMP seemed a bit more counterintuitive. Also there is a Vacuum Tube player, but it's paid, though there are some intersting features that may be interesting (emulation of headphones and amps)
  7. I can't say about RG from single files, but if you want to avoid gaps (however I think you mean to avoid incorrect track timing, as gaps is a bit another thing), you can use cueTools or any other similar software to cut single files to multiple tracks precisely. Plus you can use cue files for multiple/splitted tracks
  8. I know, I have it too (Note 9). Yes you're right button itself doesn't work.
  9. I think it's just a different mastering. It's not about frequency and bit-depth itself, but about marketing policy of some labels which issue in high-res recordings with different mastering. For example ZZ top complete studio box-set has no reverberation as in first press CD of the same albums. Also Metallica post 1991 Hi-res albums are slightly better than the same original CDs. The same is for a couple of Motorhead albums. In all that cases it's just mastering, as a proof I can assert that the sound/mastering result does not depend on frequency, as I listen to all the mentioned above as FLACs on my PC and as lossy (AAC) on my smartphone. So look for mastering, but not exclusively for hi-res. P. S. If the Hi-res version doesn't have better mastering (and of course worse one) you can use it to prevent resampling on the target device though
  10. Did you choose any audio profile in the sound adapt. I advice 60+ which is so harsh on the highs that iy's the best to check the functionality of the MusicFX button? In fact sound adapt is difficult enugh to hear, especially taking into account that it adjusts volume individually.
  11. I would not be so sure, recently I've found out that the last Metallica album in Hi-res edition is recorded in two frequencies.
  12. 432 hz is a big antiscientifc sham and delusion. People who promotes it doesn't know any history behind it.
  13. Oversampling is possible in PA, but oversampling itself doesn't give any improvements to sound, quite contrary it can easily increase the amount of distortion. Tone regulators for bass and treble are always available in the eq screen
  14. I mean Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks
  15. Can somebody explain the idea of the new Album Artist... . I flicked it on and off but didn't tumble to its functionality
  16. Yes I know, that's what I meant a metadata line.
  17. Thanks for fix of the Samsung Pie Hi-Res. Can you explain how it works with Samsung bit upscaling, because before PA (before the Pie update broke hires) displayed the 24 bit in audio output string in the track info
  18. Or technically speaking a 44,1 khz oscillator/tone generator
  19. Generally yes. It's DVC which eliminates all additional manufacturer sound effects. However manufacturer updates can derange its work, like it's on the v826 with Samsung
  20. Feature requests should be posted in the corresponding thread. Plus such feature doesn't have any sense as the hardware will convert it to 48kHz anyway.
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