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Hanya pendapat pribadi


Poweramp V3 Build 903 kualitas suaranya melebihi v2 build 588.

Silahkan DVC ubah ke -8dB, 

Settingan pribadi
Pengaturan default hanya beberapa yang di ubah.

Naikkan preamp jangan melebihi 4,2, kalau dibawah bisa sesuai dengan kebutuhan tapi jangan melebihi 4,2.

Perluasan stereo bisa menggunakan pengaturan default atau menaikkan sebanyak 2%. 

Untuk pengaturan lainnya biarkan default.

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The gain control in the DVC menu is only used when DVC is turned off (this is to avoid 100% digital level tracks from potentially over-saturating and clipping). If you have DVC enabled, which is the preferred way to use PA, it does nothing.

Similarly, I would not suggest routinely setting the pre-amp gain above zero if you have any 100% digital-maxed level audio files, as that could also introduce distortion/clipping (or you may notice brief volume dips if you have the Limiter function in the EQ enabled).

Probably the best way to avoid high level clipping is to use the Replay Gain feature. RG-enabled tracks can be adjusted to bring any 100% level tracks down to more processable volumes, and non RG-enabled tracks can be set to reduce by a few dB for safety. I had a bit of a play around with the settings (and this is subjective for my setup) and ended up with the RG-enabled preamp gain set at +6dB and the Non-RG gain set to -2.5dB. That seems to give a little bit of headroom for mild EQ adjustment for either type of track - but if you want to push the bass up considerably, reduce those levels further (or the master pre-amp in the EQ screen).


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