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  1. Hanya pendapat pribadi Poweramp V3 Build 903 kualitas suaranya melebihi v2 build 588. Silahkan DVC ubah ke -8dB, Settingan pribadi Pengaturan default hanya beberapa yang di ubah. Naikkan preamp jangan melebihi 4,2, kalau dibawah bisa sesuai dengan kebutuhan tapi jangan melebihi 4,2. Perluasan stereo bisa menggunakan pengaturan default atau menaikkan sebanyak 2%. Untuk pengaturan lainnya biarkan default.
  2. ok, i will try Thank you for the advice
  3. the sound of the music sounds smaller, the sound of the music seems to be drowning or drifting away, although increasing the preamp still doesn't help to make the music sound more advanced. more advanced not harder. since build 900 I always use the default Poweramp settings, or increase the preamp as needed, if the default settings are right in my opinion, I don't change them and leave the default settings. sorry if there is a typo.
  4. Poweramp build bug 904. the sound is drowning, small, and a decrease in sound quality the device used redmi 3x, android version 6 the default used settings, or the addition of the preamp 3,6dB. sorry if there is a writing error because I use google translation. thank you
  5. Poweramp setting 1. Equalizer flat or extra vocal increases the frequency of 1KHz by 2.5dB 2. Increase the preamp by 5.6dB 3. Tone : Bass 60% and Trebel 42% 4. increase stereo expansion by 4% 5. volume control of 20% -30% do not over it, 25% of my recommendations 6. increase the Replay GAIN by 11dB 7. activate Hi-res mode if your device supports (Settings / Audio / Output) to add sound quality can combine Poweramp and Re Equalizer. Re Equalizer setting 1. Equalizer flat 2. Gain 0 3. FX : Surround 4, Reverb, Deep Bass 6 4. Intensity : Medium 5. Mode : CHAIN or CHAIN Alternative 6. Ouput : Global if confused please see the picture. sorry if the language is smeared for using google translation.
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