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Did anyone ever find out how to get rid of the now playing on this phone notification?


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I have seen a few topics about this but no real answer so not sure if we can stop this notification?

On my samsung s10+ after the android 11 update, that Poweramp playing on this phone notification starts everytime i restart my phone (shown on below pic), i know i can just swipe it away but i would like to just stop it if possible, i am not even using Poweramp at the time so there is no need for this at all.

Does anyone know if it can be turned off?

Also since the android 11 update when i am using Poweramp there used to be a x on the Poweramp lock screen to turn it off but that is now missing since the update and i can only pause and skip, is that normal since the update?





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@Geoddwoof42 Android 11 keeps and restores last used player in the new media area in notifications - this is a system wide feature which Poweramp supports. Samsung music and some other players - don't support that. Anyway, in Poweramp builds-90x, it's optional and disabled by default as it seems nobody likes this new Android feature. Also, in recent OTA updates Samsung also removed the default player notification after the reboot (at least for S20, Note20, this may vary by device) - as Samsung OneUI strictly doesn't have media notification area, and they shouldn't apply the new logic to the (almost) normal media notifications.

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