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  1. Hi, i currently have Enacfire E60 wireless earbuds, as a budget pair are pretty good sounding, i thought i'd maybe get more decnet ones for xmas and have around £100 to spend. I would like them to still be wireless and don't need a mic as i don't tend to talk on them. What would be the best ones to get in that price range please? Thanks James
  2. Hi, If i am playing my songs on shuffle, it shows at the bottom which song is next, is there any way to skip that song to the next song after that? Without interfering with the current song or not having to just skip it quick at the end? Thanks James
  3. Can anyone please recommend good bluetooth earbuds that are either around or under £60? I have recently had 2 models from MPOW m5 & m9 and also one of the anker life p2. Out of the 3 the sound quality of the MPOW m5 was the best but these were the only pair that wouldn't stay connected in my pocket if i was commuting on a bus and maybe my hand was rested on my leg (so my arm would maybe cover my phone). The other 2 earbuds didn't cut off in this circumstance though, would it be right that they shouldn’t cut off i am guessing? I got sent a 2nd pair of the m5's as i thought
  4. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
  5. Hi, i'm pretty new on here and to Poweramp, up to now its a great app 👍 I think it would be pretty good if the app could show battery life remaining for your ear buds or which every device you use, possibly also on the lock screen. Regards James
  6. As a matter of interest, so long as mp3's are tagged, will Poweramp only look at the tags if replay gain is enabled or will it take it from the tags anyway? meaning if you have tagged them you don't really need replay gain on?
  7. I tagged all mine before adding them, I used a program called wxmp3gain
  8. As subject says, i've decided to get some bluetooth ear buds and some music i want, but i know they are all different volume levels so was wondering if the replay gain in Poweramp is decent and if i turn this on, am i best just with its default settings. Or am i best leaving it off and batch processing the mp3's in a program with with normalize them all? If the replay gain is decent then does it mean extra battery drain do you know? Regards James
  9. Hi, I have a galaxy note 10.1, i'm assuming it should be powerful enough to run Poweramp without issues, when i'm playing music i generally have it on shuffle, my music is all in one folder. a lot of the time when the next song is about to come on i head a click then the song starts (doesn't do it all the time but enough for me to want to fix it). i don't have crossover on, so i have got my songs set to run the length of the track, i also unticked skip silence in tracks, incase it was ending tracks a little early, but that hasn't worked. i am not using other apps when playing music either, a l
  10. aww ok, i wonder if there would be a way that when you tap on folder if you could in the future be able to long press a folder and be able to exclude it from shuffle all songs or something like that?
  11. Hi, i was hoping someone could help me with something, on my galaxy 10.1 i have a folder which has random songs in which i like to shuffle, i have another folder with albums in, when i want to shuffle my songs i dont want my albums also shuffling, is there anyway i can exclude the album folder from playing? james
  12. Hi, i have Poweramp pro, i am using it on a samsung galaxy note 10.1 using android 4.0.4. I have set cut silence to off as i originaly thought the problem may be that but i am finding sometimes (not all the time) as a song has just ended i head a litte pop noise before the next one comes on. does anyone ever get this or is it just normal? james
  13. Hi, I have only used Poweramp for 1 day, up to now i think its very good. I tried buying the app through google play and each time i tried it gave me an error says purchase cant be made, i have bought other apps within the last few days, not sure if it will work later on, thats a seperate issue anyway, i can always buy it from the site if it doesn't work. The main issue i wanted to ask about, was the widgets, i tried using the 4x1 widget and looked nice etc, once i rebooted my galaxy note 10.1 the previous track did not show on the widget and it just looked like a white (blank) widget until i
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