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Replaygain Question


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There are two types of replaygain, album-gain and track-gain. I believe that album gain keeps the relative differences between track in an album the same, but makes it so that the loudness from album to album pretty much stays the same. Track-gain makes it so that the loudness across tracks stays relatively the same. My questions when replaygain is turned on are; 1) Does Poweramp pay attention to album-gain when queueing multiple albums? 2) When I queue a playlist does Poweramp does Poweramp use track-gain? Or does Poweramp only look at track-gain for everything?

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Track Gain and Album Gain are assigned at the file creation/editing stage, not by the player. So any cross-matched Album Gain levels only apply to all of the tracks in that one album, not to different albums which will have their own set of values.

You can tell PA to use either the embedded Track Gain or Album Gain values, but it's a global setting not one that is adjusted with different playback categories.


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I understand that track gain and album gain are assigned by some means like DBPoweramp/Foobar2000 is capable of doing and then these tags are used at playback time to apply any volume adjustment if the playback software is capable of using these tags. I do not use the option of having software apply the gain to the actual data, it just adds the album and track replaygain tags.

My library has both sets of tags and my home stereo software intelligently uses album gain when successive tracks are from the same album and track gain when playlists are being played. My original question was before I investigated the PA audio settings for what (if any) gain is to be used, I now see that when playing music using PA I must manually go into the audio settings and select the appropriate gain type for what I'm currently playing. Here's a screen snip of what my home software can do.


Since PA can use either type tags I guess this is now a feature request for a smart gain type function.




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Kudos to @w3wilkes

Power Amp should be able to automagically apply album or track gain depending on if you are listening to an album or to individual track. As today you have to choose between album or track and this is not good as I typically listen to albums and there I prefer album gain for obvious reasons but listening to playlists again makes me reach out for the volume knob way to often. Smart Gain would really make my day.

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