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Sort "All song" list "by artist" trouble


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So, going straight to the point. When organizing "All songs" category, I usually list it "by artist" and then, instead of showing songs in alphabetical order, it shows songs by their albums alphabetical order, as you can see in the screenshot. I tried to fix it by disabling "Join albums" option, but nothing changed so far. 

I'd like to see my songs sorted by their titles alphabetical order after choosing "by artist" option, not albums alphabetical order. Any ideas how to fix it? :)

If you have any ideas, please help, or if you need more info or any explanation, just say so.




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Yes, sorting the All Songs category 'by Artist' does the same as the main Artist category, which sorts by Artist name first, then by their Albums, then by the Song Titles. I seem to recall this was by user request a while back.

There isn't any way to change that behaviour in the current app, but maybe Max could add a new sorting option for the 'All Songs' category so there are choices for sorting by 'Artist/Song Title' as well as the current 'Artist/Album/Song Title'. Thinking about it, in the current mode it might make more sense if songs within albums were sorted by Track# rather than alpha - so 'Artist/Album/Track#' ).


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