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any way to sort playlists by artist/album AND track number?

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hi i'm just kind of at my wit's end. i paid for this music app and it can't even sort playlist tracks properly, everytime i try to re-sort by artist/album it sorts all the tracks by album but in alphabetical order rather than running order. this is a great app otherwise but it boggles me that it can't do anything this simple even though i paid for it.

and before anyone says "just buy New Playlist Manager/Music Playlist Manager" i already did that and not only did it NOT work but it also deleted half of my favorite playlist! guys like forreal i'm begging someone for a solution that a) doesn't cost me more money and b) is simple to implement. literally the only reason i switched to this app in the first place is because samsung music doesn't let me have more than 1000 songs in a single playlist. someone please help

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It's not a feature at present, no, so I'll move this to the Feature Requests forum.

There are currently 14 re-sorting options for Playlists and/or the Queue (27 if you include the reverse variants) but they are mostly single-layer (other than Artist>Album). The normal process being that you create your playlists in the desired order in the first place, and the re-sort feature was only added more recently. There are bound to be all sorts of extra ordering options that people would like though, such as Artist (alphabetical) > Album (by year) > Song (by Track#), or my own suggestion would be to support Folder>Filename.

As you have surmised, Music Playlist Manager is currently the suggested method if you want lots of extra esoteric flexibility over the basic built-in options, sorry you've have problems with it in the past. Hope you remembered to backup your playlists before starting to experiment!


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Just to tag along with this, I would also like a sort option to sort by Artist > Album > Track # in playlists, rather than sorting albums within playlists alphabetically.  

Again, this seems to be something unique to PA as every other music app I've used sorts albums in playlists by track number by default.  

I usually get around it by creating the playlist in another app, then importing it into PA, but it would certainly be more convenient to have the requested sorting option.  

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