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How to import playlists?

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You don't need to specifically import your now-file-based playlists (the import feature is to import Android playlists from the stock music player). All you need to do is make sure the new files are in a location that you have configured Poweramp to be able to scan, annd possibly then do a Rescan. Any music files that are referenced by the playlist music exist on your new device, and be in the same named folders as before, otherwise even if the playlists are found they will be shown as containing zero songs. 


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1) Are the playlists that you wish to export showing as 'internal' lists in Poweramp - i.e. ones that were created within the app, so in the Playlists category there should be no .m3u or .m3u8 extenders the end of the list names. Note: from Poweramp build 876 onward, it is also possible to 're-export' existing file-based playlists to new file-based playlists too, but that's probably not something you need here.

2) When you Export your playlists, they should be copied to files in the location you specify. Those files will have .m3u8 extenders, but they are just plain text so you should be able to open them in a text editor and view the contents which will be a simple list of the filenames (with paths) for each song in the list.

3) Check that the same music files (in the same named folders) exist on your new device, and the songs are visible in Poweramp's library views (check Settings > Library > Full Rescan if they are not).

4) On the new device, make sure that the playlist files are located somewhere that Poweramp has been given permission to scan (check via Settings > Library > Music Folders). Again, a Full Rescan might help, or in the Playlists library view there is a menu option to Rescan / Resolve Playlists. Do you see the new Playlist names (with that .m3u8 extender) but with no song contents showing, or are you not seeing the list names in the Library Playlists category at all?


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