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  1. - I use the original android operating system. Android version 11. My PA notification interface has album art on the right compared to yours on the left
  2. I mean the song time bar color. in settings only change background color 🤣
  3. - I want light color instead of black. I don't see the song progress bar color. Thanks
  4. how to make the default player bar minimized instead of enlarged?(images)
  5. Yes. here just i backup to pc to reset phone. then I copied it to my phone to play music on PA. next time I will note to copy the data/PA folder
  6. I mean Art album. I edit album art with PA. and copy to phone with usb cable
  7. i use pc to backup mp3 files. but every time I copy to my phone I no longer see thumbnails (only files are replaced with thumbnails)
  8. I replaced the thumbnail in the song. then i copy to pc. then copied to my phone, the thumbnail that was replaced before didn't exist when I played the song
  9. Can the songs that rank I don't add it to the playlist be imported? I regularly rate my favorite songs instead of adding it to a playlist. and PA can't overwrite the file when exporting next time
  10. PA gets playlists but not rated playlists.
  11. when i export or import i get the message "Imported playlist:0" ?
  12. - I can't import playlists. Help. - Ver: 911 arm64. - Device: Nubia Redmagic 3. - Android Ver: 11.
  13. I have edit image. I want custom notification bar too. Help
  14. - I want default collapse notification, thumbnail on the left and button on the right. Thanks you
  15. @andrewilley now, i try export again and haven't files in storage. I using Android 10
  16. - I export playlists to folder download and import again after display is 0 playlists. - Android OS: 10
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