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Hi-res output not detected, playing 16bit 48KHz instead of the intended 24bit 96KHz


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  • Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About
    •  874 and 875
  • your device model
    • Sony Xperia 1 ii
  • your Android version
    • 10

The output device is WI-1000XM2, I tried both wired and bluetooth LDAC. I also tried with ATH-M50x. All the same result

It used to work in my old phone (Sony Xperia XZ Premium). I guess this is because of the new (not even released yet in the west if I'm correct) phone compability or because of Android 10 possibly(?)


Is this a known bug or possibly a new issue?


below are some screenshots




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Hi-res over BT works only if LDAC is used as codec. Wired headset usually defaults to 24bit/192kHz but you may need to select it specifically in Hi-res output settings. 
Also some devices have only one direct (hi-res) output active at time, though Sony devices usually don’t have such limitation. If any other player was used for hi-res playback prior to Poweramp start, it may hold that hi-res output and Poweramp will start with the standard def.

If nothing helps see this thread: 


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I have since tweaked a lot of settings and found the fix. I need to disable dolby atmos from the system settings and its fixed. A weird fix but at least it worked.

Thanks for the response. and if anyone ever encounter the same problem, try disabling dolby atmos.

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