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  1. I have since tweaked a lot of settings and found the fix. I need to disable dolby atmos from the system settings and its fixed. A weird fix but at least it worked. Thanks for the response. and if anyone ever encounter the same problem, try disabling dolby atmos.
  2. Poweramp build number (available in Poweramp Settings / About 874 and 875 your device model Sony Xperia 1 ii your Android version 10 The output device is WI-1000XM2, I tried both wired and bluetooth LDAC. I also tried with ATH-M50x. All the same result It used to work in my old phone (Sony Xperia XZ Premium). I guess this is because of the new (not even released yet in the west if I'm correct) phone compability or because of Android 10 possibly(?) Is this a known bug or possibly a new issue? below are some screenshots
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