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Volume error on Nokia 6.1 Plus


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Poweramp version: v3-build-874

Device: Nokia 6.1 Plus

Android version: Android 10/Security Patch 1 May

Rom: Android One


I don't know how to describe this bug, but this bug appeared since the first Android 10 update.

Every time I start listening to music using a headset, I need to adjust the volume to almost 100% so that I can listen to it, at a volume level of 60% the sound that comes out is very small.

I tried using the default Android One music player, Google Play Music, the 60% volume level became too loud for me.

Also, the only output that can be used is Hi Res, try using OpenSl Es and AudioTrack output, but the sound that comes out is intermittent.

I tried the disable dvc option in the Hi Res output, the volume is normal, but it caused other bugs.

The best solution I can do is restart every time I start listening to music using a headset.

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