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Fiio X5 v.3 vs. Galaxy S8


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Hello fellow music lovers,

I have a bit of a conundrum, about a month ago I purchased a Fiio X5. I have been a loyal Poweramp user since my Galaxy S4 days, in fact at one point I bought a iPhone 6 plus but sold two weeks later for another android phone (a Galaxy S7 edge) just so I could use Poweramp. I bought the Fiio versus other DAPs because it runs android, I'm sure you can guess why. I loaded Poweramp but it's been a bit quirky, slow to change tracks, crashing when I try to add album art. I'm assuming it's due to the Fiios lack of memory whereas my S8 is super smooth. My question is whether the Fiio is worth it or am I getting just as much out of the music on my phone, either way Poweramp for life!

If it matters all my music is either lossless or 24bit. I'm using a decent 256gb micro sd with about 6300 songs.

Thanks in advance.

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Before posting I tried looking for “forum rules”...

searching “rules” did not reveal anything taboo.

Before anything risky at all in the instructions are listed official firmware restoring tools, negating any “bricking” scenarios.

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