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  1. Yup, there are three options under "bluetooth metadata" in the settings menu, and I've tried toggling all three options, and no artist/track info has shown up on my car's HUD. The options are: 1) Metachanged Intent 2) CyanogenMod Metachanged Intent 3) Send Album - Artist with Metachanged Intent None of these have solved the problem, unfortunately. I have a feeling that it has less to do with Poweramp , and more to do with the actual bluetooth AVRCP being sent from the galaxy S8, but if there's a chance it can be something that Poweramp can fix on its end, that'd be perfect (considering the same app worked fine and transmitted metadata correctly on a different phone, and LG G4).
  2. Hey guys! I recently got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S8), and metadata like artist name, album name, song title, etc no longer displays on my car (2012 Mazda 3)'s heads-up display. It has worked perfectly fine before this on my last phone (LG G4). Music plays just fine, it's just that the metadata doesn't display. I realize this is most likely an issue with the phone itself using a different version of bluetooth compared to my last phone, but since you guys are the gurus when it comes to troubleshooting this kind of stuff... is there any chance you can look into it, and see if it'd be an easy fix to implement in Poweramp (v2 or v3, I've tried it on both) itself? Like, maybe a toggle-able option to make Poweramp force the phone to transmit metadata the old way so that it'll display in situations like this? Just an idea. Not sure who else to contact/ask.
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