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Volume changes after skipping songs when streaming to chromecast

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When playing songs (from album list) to chromecast, and I've set a volume, song plays as desired volume. When song ends, next song automatically plays, also at desired volume.

But.... If before the end of the song i click the skip button (to get to the next song) the volume resets to the previous (usually louder) volume.

1. The volume should not change when switching songs

2. Not sure where this initial volume level is sourced... It is always louder than i have ever chosen recently.

Again, I'm not sure if this is a related introduced regression, or an independent bug (at least, i consider it a problem for stress-free app usage)


I suspect it is a regression introduced after changes made for


As i only noticed it after that.



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Maybe try choosing the "System Default" option under Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels.  That fixed the same issue for me when un-pausing a song, but I didn't have the same problem with skipping songs in the first place, so maybe unrelated.

I saw that tip for the pause scenario at:


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