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  1. Symptom: When my car stereo (Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS) tries to resume Bluetooth audio playback (such as after turning the car back on, or after finishing a phone call), Poweramp often (but not always) skips to the next track after playing about 1 second of the current track. The problem does NOT happen with the stock Music player on my Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile). There have been no updates to my car stereo. Steps: 1.) Have a song playing in Poweramp over my car stereo's Bluetooth connection. 2.) Do something to make Poweramp automatically pause, such as turning off the car, or making/receiving a phone call. (I may have seen it when just switching to the radio and back on the car stereo, but I'm not sure and I can't make it happen that way now.) 3.) Return to Bluetooth playback via the car stereo (such as turning the car back on or finishing the phone call). This is extremely annoying! I'd like to keep using Poweramp, but I am really sick of only hearing a portion of many songs (most of my car trips are short, so I run into this problem multiple times every day). I don't think this used to happen; it may have started with a Poweramp update 3-4 months ago. As a paying Poweramp owner, I'd be extremely grateful for your team to take a look at this. Poweramp version: 2.0.9-build-530 Full VersionDevice model: Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile)Android version: 4.1.1Custom ROM: N/A(I will send the CatLog report separately.) Thanks, John
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