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Hissing noise suppression


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Hi everyone, long term Poweramp user here.

I'm currently owning a LG V30 (Stock Pie) which is supposed to have a great quality audio output thanks to it's DAC, but I have a low hissing noise occuring during playback through the headphone jack. I suspected for a long time a hardware issue : all apps are subject to it (using default Android drivers or not), as well as all the headphones I tested, all files quality are subject to it (tested from crappy 128kbps MP3 to vinyl ripped in 96kHz/24bit FLAC), no "force hi res" mod works and nobody is complaining about a similar issue on the V30 threads and forums. Activating my internal Quad DAC (or DTS/Dolby/system equalizer/...) seem to increase the noise, but I'm not sure it's anything other than placebo at this point.

However, Poweramp HiRes output option literally nukes this noise. I assume there's nothing gain related, as I always compare at equivalent volume. A very (very) low noise can be heard but it's for very high volume level. When I activate DVC or chose any other output option, the noise is back. And the Quad DAC doesn't generate noise at all ! I can't use any external effects without having the noise back.

My question is : How does Poweramp HiRes driver works ? From my point of view, this situation is a complete nonsense, but I probably lack a lot of knowledge and would be glad to understand more about it.

Finally, is there way to mod my device so I can replicate the work of Poweramp HiRes driver ? I have root and I'm not fearing bootloops, and I really want to understand more about Android audio (and also enjoy good audio at low volume for every sources).

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The noise will probably be coming from the device's own audio stages / preamp /etc. In DVC mode, all that is bypassed and PA can talk almost directly to the output stages.

If your device is rooted, you might be able get into the kernel settings (depending on the kernel in use) and reduce the output gain a bit. I did that with my old Note 3 to help when I was listening at very low levels at night when that kind of noise was most noticeable.


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I will try playing with the gain then (no option in my kernel, sadly, it's directly in the mixer XML file). My ROM already has an option to bypass all audio stages and directly output 24bits/384kHz, but I still have noise that's why I am so interested on the Poweramp process.

You really think that lowering the output gain and increasing the volume after that (to come back at the same level) could really eliminate the noise ?

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1 hour ago, Jilano34 said:

(to come back at the same level

No, it may not bring you back to the same level. By reducing the gain on my Note 3, I got rid of the background noise from the audio circuit, but it did have the result of making the maximum possible sound level a bit lower too. I wasn't too bothered about having 'bleeding-ears' maximum volume available, I just wanted to be able to listen at minimum levels at night without hearing a background hiss.


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