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Group songs in Recently Played by album (or playlist)


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Hi, I apologize if this request has already been raised. I searched the feature requests for some time and didn't find anything (there are a lot of requests...). This may not make it high on the list, but I would really like to open the Recently Played tab and see only the albums (and playlists) recently played, not the tracks. I suppose this would have to be a setting option, most people want to see tracks. This was the way Groove on Windows Mobile displayed the Recently Played, and I got rather attached to it. I fired up the old phone (still works!) to give you a screenshot of what I mean. Thank you!


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I would agree that this would be a very nice feature. I'm typically an album type person so an option here to set this to "Recently played Albums" would be wonderful. As an aside, another place where this would be nice is if I could set "Recently Added" to show recently added Albums. If you click on "By album" in the List Options of Recently Added I get a list of songs, but they're not recently added songs of recently added albums, appears to be who know what??

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@Ari You won't see Playlists in the Recently Player or Added categories, although you can see the songs within a playlist that have been recently played. Both of those lists can be sorted by Album, but that won't really do what you want because again it is the individual song files that have a last-played status, not categories such as Albums, Artists, Genres, Folders, etc.


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