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  1. i was excited to see category length was added but then quickly disappointed because we still don't have the album length while browsing through the artist albums
  2. +1 this has been bothering me for a long while now especially for various artists albums
  3. i thought that too, and was surprised that is not the case
  4. Pretty straightforward. I'd like to have the ability to save the left/right balance in presets so i won't have to move the knob back and forth whenever I'm changing headphones. One of my pairs is slightly broken and the right channel is much quieter
  5. playlist duration is cool and nice, but what about album duration?
  6. bump this would be fairly useful, tweaking replay gain on your PC and transferring back to your phone is cumbersome
  7. agreed, disc separation would be very nice
  8. so is there any hope of implementing this? it seems like a very small easy change
  9. that's odd, i have it sorted by track# and it always shows correctly
  10. what i meant is we don't have track numbers and disc numbers in this view for example this box set by the cure has 70 tracks over 4 discs and it's impossible to tell when one disc ends and other one begins
  11. update: reinstalling Poweramp fixed the split albums but album art is still missing
  12. Samsung A5, Android 8.0 after updating to the latest version some album covers are lost and some albums are split. cant choose embedded album art for those albums full rescan did nothing
  13. yes, i meant multi-disc albums. also i meant it doesn't show track numbers in the album view, i should specify that
  14. right now it's impossible to see what track is on which disc and this feature would be very useful especially for box sets with a lot of discs and tracks
  15. when i'm playing the album from "album artists" library, in the player ui it's showing the album artist tag, but in the widget it's showing the artist tag (which i want) when i'm playing the album from "albums" library, it shows the artist tag. changing the "Album Artist Label" option in the Look and Feel>Player UI options only works when i'm playing from "albums" is this intended behavior? i feel like that's a bug
  16. i'd love this to come back as well
  17. the v3 is still in beta honestly i don't get how this is not implemented yet. those are very important features for a music player
  18. the current version is completely unusable for me, crashes every five seconds and can't click half of the library lists and other options, i guess I'll wait for a more stable version
  19. I have the exact same problem, but i'm using the embedded cover art
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