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  1. No, internal storage works fine. Copying a file from internal to external makes it so Poweramp doesn't recognize the tags anymore, even if it did before. Yes, i added the folder I tested it with a lot of albums that don't have them, I haven't seen any difference
  2. Somehow after I formatted my sd card it's even more broken: Now Poweramp doesn't recognize music on sd card even after multiple full rescans and reinstalling the app
  3. It happens with every track. Folder names have standard characters.
  4. I'll try formatting my sd card, maybe that will help Edit: nope, it didn't
  5. I'm attaching a file placed in internal storage, scanned and read correctly by Poweramp, and the same file moved to sd card and not read correctly. probably no difference but who knows 01 - Exhibitionism.mp3 01 - Exhibitionism.mp3
  6. copying the folder from internal to external storage does the same thing - the tags aren't read properly, but the files show up in "recently added"
  7. i use the filesystem sorting but both don't show new music
  8. I transfer files mostly by downloading from Google Drive or from an FTP server on my PC. I tried out transferring with USB cable and it works, tags are read immediately after transfer and the music shows up in the library, however it doesn't show up in "Recently added" section.
  9. renaming files works, but doing that every time i add new music isn't ideal. guess I'll just stick to internal storage for now
  10. unfortunately turning off auto-scan didn't do it for me, it's strange
  11. Yes, the tags are correct, they're always picked up and displayed correctly after a full rescan. This is definitely a Poweramp bug, i can't reproduce it with other players
  12. bump, I have the exact same problem on my Realme x2, Android 9.0 interesting thing is, if I go to the unknown artist section and check tag info every tag is correct
  13. im having the same exact issue as @Keerah pressing the streams icon does nothing except make the whole app unresponsive
  14. +1 I would love this for the 'Recently Added' section too
  15. Yes, but when you pause the music from the notification, the notification stays. I thought that when you unplug headphones Poweramp automatically pauses playback and therefore the behavior would be the same.
  16. Currently Poweramp removes the notification when you unplug your headphones while playing music. Would it be possible to keep the notification? I am aware that checking "always keep notification" option does that but I'd like to avoid using that option.
  17. it's possible to use Poweramp in the ultra power saving mode if you have a rooted phone, i did it and it didn't work because the music stopped playing every time the screen went off. i think this mode just prevents every app from running in the background
  18. i was excited to see category length was added but then quickly disappointed because we still don't have the album length while browsing through the artist albums
  19. +1 this has been bothering me for a long while now especially for various artists albums
  20. i thought that too, and was surprised that is not the case
  21. Pretty straightforward. I'd like to have the ability to save the left/right balance in presets so i won't have to move the knob back and forth whenever I'm changing headphones. One of my pairs is slightly broken and the right channel is much quieter
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