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  1. possibly, i noticed it doesn't show a lot of albums either. if this limitation can't be bypassed then it's a shame
  2. Device: Realme X2 Android 10 Poweramp version: build-893 Steps to reproduce: everytime I open Poweramp in Android Auto I can't select artists or album artists after the letter 'S' or 'T', they don't show up. In normal Poweramp they show up no problem. Record_2021-02-03-11-55-18_345bb2134bfb84a7decceb0b36861421.mp4
  3. Yeah, I agree it should at least be at the end of a list
  4. My point is why should there be an Unknown Artist label appear if there's no songs in this category? It just clogs up the list
  5. For some reason Unknown Artist appears for me even though all my music is tagged. I'd love for it to go away
  6. thank you for the quick solution, I didn't think of that
  7. Would it be possible for the Recently added section to display artists and albums instead of just tracks? The way it is now is not ideal, the tracks are usually scrambled and not in the correct order, so if I want to listen to an album I added recently I go to that section, scroll around until I find it and then go back to the main Library to find it again and then play it.
  8. I agree, and a lot of the pictures have weird aspect ratio that doesn't translate very well to square thumbnails
  9. Is it possible to source artist pictures from last.fm like in Black Player? The results would be much better and more accurate than the current system, which can be pretty random
  10. I've been using Poweramp for me then 5 years, this problem only started after i installed the beta
  11. Device: Realme x2 Android 9 Poweramp 863 beta build Steps to reproduce: random sometimes random ui elements will become unresponsive ie.: i can navigate to an artist but can't click an album, or I long press on player screen, select song info and nothing happens
  12. all 4 were found but 1 of them didn't show tags I've used a lot of different file explorer apps (speedsoftware's file explorer, solid explorer, cx file explorer), but what i found is that only by using my built-in default file manager i got PA to show tags properly on sd card. I even managed to "fix" those unrecognized files by moving them to internal storage and then back to sd card. I have auto-scan off. I think it's a problem that's exclusive to my phone brand.
  13. yes I reinstalled Poweramp twice: now i moved a folder with 4 albums from internal to sd card, did a full rescan and it recognized 3 of those albums, one album has empty tags. I also found out that if I transfer music directly to sd card with a USB cable Poweramp picks up tags fine.
  14. No, internal storage works fine. Copying a file from internal to external makes it so Poweramp doesn't recognize the tags anymore, even if it did before. Yes, i added the folder I tested it with a lot of albums that don't have them, I haven't seen any difference
  15. Somehow after I formatted my sd card it's even more broken: Now Poweramp doesn't recognize music on sd card even after multiple full rescans and reinstalling the app
  16. It happens with every track. Folder names have standard characters.
  17. I'll try formatting my sd card, maybe that will help Edit: nope, it didn't
  18. I'm attaching a file placed in internal storage, scanned and read correctly by Poweramp, and the same file moved to sd card and not read correctly. probably no difference but who knows 01 - Exhibitionism.mp3 01 - Exhibitionism.mp3
  19. copying the folder from internal to external storage does the same thing - the tags aren't read properly, but the files show up in "recently added"
  20. i use the filesystem sorting but both don't show new music
  21. I transfer files mostly by downloading from Google Drive or from an FTP server on my PC. I tried out transferring with USB cable and it works, tags are read immediately after transfer and the music shows up in the library, however it doesn't show up in "Recently added" section.
  22. renaming files works, but doing that every time i add new music isn't ideal. guess I'll just stick to internal storage for now
  23. unfortunately turning off auto-scan didn't do it for me, it's strange
  24. Yes, the tags are correct, they're always picked up and displayed correctly after a full rescan. This is definitely a Poweramp bug, i can't reproduce it with other players
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