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  1. Yes, please! I love having this info. Like @void, I sometimes determine which album to listen to based on its length. I used the "Albums" category until "Years" became available, now I use that, but when I get down to the album, the album length doesn't display like it did coming from the "Albums" category.
  2. I absolutely love and approve of the addition of the "Years" top-level category, but it has again raised an issue I have noticed. I only see album lengths when I enter through the "Albums" category. Navigating to an album from any other category will show the number of tracks and year, but the album length is missing between those two. I have the metadata header turned on, am I missing something, or should this be a (minor) feature request? Thanks maxmp!
  3. Hi, I apologize if this request has already been raised. I searched the feature requests for some time and didn't find anything (there are a lot of requests...). This may not make it high on the list, but I would really like to open the Recently Played tab and see only the albums (and playlists) recently played, not the tracks. I suppose this would have to be a setting option, most people want to see tracks. This was the way Groove on Windows Mobile displayed the Recently Played, and I got rather attached to it. I fired up the old phone (still works!) to give you a screenshot of what I mean. Thank you!
  4. I agree, a setting might be the way to please everyone. I would prefer that the "now playing" selection be nulled, as I always choose a different album and am often surprised and annoyed when the phone auto-connects to something by Bluetooth and starts playing the last song over again. If no setting is forthcoming, though, then I would agree with chrism16 that better would be to return to the beginning of the album. Thanks
  5. Would it be possible to add the setting "Apply replay gain only when playing playlists"?
  6. That would be amazing! I had a Windows Phone for much longer than I should have, but I got very attached to the way Groove organized music. My library was sorted Year>Album, clicking on the album opened up the tracks screen. If you could do that on Poweramp I'd very much appreciate it, thanks!
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