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"Start playing queue immediately" not working


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The "Start playing queue immediately" option in Queue settings is not being honored when adding new items to the queue in that the player behaves as if the option is always turned on. In other words, I have the option turned off and yet playback switches to the queue the moment I add tracks to it. My other queue-related settings are as follows:

On Queue End - Return to previous category.
Always Clear on Add - On
Ignore Shuffle - On

I'm on Android 9, running Poweramp v3-build-840-arm64-play [840004-48a0b260]. ASUS Zenfone 6.

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18 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Only seems to occur if you have the "Always Clear on Add " option enabled in Settings > Library > Queue. Please turn this mode off and see if you still experience the same issue.


You're right. Turning off the "Always Clear on Add" setting appears to fix this issue, but I nevertheless take that this is not intended behaviour.

Incidentally, testing this made me come across another potential bug or limitation: When adding multiple tracks to the queue from any track list (All Songs, Artist/Album, etc), the order of tracks is not preserved. Let's consider the following example:

All Songs:
Song A
Song B
Song C

I would like to queue song C and song A in that order. Attempting to do so by long-pressing and selecting song C and then song A and adding them to the queue in one go does not work as expected. Instead of adding C first and then A, the order is reversed presumably it follows the same order of tracks in the source list. The only alternative is to add tracks individually, but that can get very unwieldy as it would involve a long-press for each of them.

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Adding multiple tracks will be done using the sort order that you have already specified for that category (e.g. if you are viewing an album's song list, and you have defined that ordering via List Options as being "By Track#", then that's the order which will be used). To override that you'd need to add the tracks one by one, or change the List Options order before starting to add the items.

You can alter the current order of songs within any Playlists or the Queue by the way, just long-press on any song title in the list/queue view and then use the sliders on the right-hand side to move the songs up or down the list.


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