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  1. Thanks for the quick response and the info that this will be fixed in the next build For what it's worth, I'm using the ASUS Zenfone 6.
  2. Currently (build 893), invoking the "Send" tool causes it to dispatch a "open-with" intent, which looks like this: This is not ideal as tapping Always accidentally will prevent this popup from showing up again, causing all future shares to be routed to the chosen app (Signal in the screenshot above). This is what it ought to look like: The UI depicted above is Android's built-in share menu. I'm using build 893 on Android 11.
  3. You're right. Turning off the "Always Clear on Add" setting appears to fix this issue, but I nevertheless take that this is not intended behaviour. Incidentally, testing this made me come across another potential bug or limitation: When adding multiple tracks to the queue from any track list (All Songs, Artist/Album, etc), the order of tracks is not preserved. Let's consider the following example: All Songs: Song A Song B Song C I would like to queue song C and song A in that order. Attempting to do so by long-pressing and selecting song C and then song A and adding them to the queue in one go does not work as expected. Instead of adding C first and then A, the order is reversed presumably it follows the same order of tracks in the source list. The only alternative is to add tracks individually, but that can get very unwieldy as it would involve a long-press for each of them.
  4. The "Start playing queue immediately" option in Queue settings is not being honored when adding new items to the queue in that the player behaves as if the option is always turned on. In other words, I have the option turned off and yet playback switches to the queue the moment I add tracks to it. My other queue-related settings are as follows: On Queue End - Return to previous category. Always Clear on Add - On Ignore Shuffle - On I'm on Android 9, running Poweramp v3-build-840-arm64-play [840004-48a0b260]. ASUS Zenfone 6.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. And yes, I'm aware that I can use the different categories to that end, but it involves switching between different views which can soon become cumbersome with every extra swipe. This is why I'd prefer to have a sorted list of all songs that lets me scrub to an artist using the alphabetized scrollbar.
  6. Is it currently possible to sort a list (the "All Songs" list in particular) based on multiple criteria? Specifically, I want to sort the list first by artist (or album artist) and each artist's tracks by album (alphabetically or by release date) and each album by its tracks (by track number). If not, I'd like to request this feature. Thanks in advance!
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