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Build 838, troubles with sleep mode.


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So, here's the thing, i've been using beta versions for a while now, but starting from, i think, build 836 or something around that i've been having troubles with sleep mode. The thing is, i'm using sleep mode pretty often, mainly before going to sleep, and every time after using sleep mode player just refuses to play more than 1 track (with "Play the last track until the end" turned on). And the sleep mode button looks like the mode is still active, too (the button itself is darker, the same way it looks when the mode actually turns on). And the only thing i can do to prevent that is "reset" sleep mode and reset both my repeat settings and shuffle settings (two buttons on the right of sleep mode button), even a simple change of both repeat mode and shuffle mode fixes it. 
It's definitely not the problem that was brought with 838 release, i was hoping it'll be fixed in latest update but it wasn't. If that matters - device is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, the problem persists with both hi-res playback and the usual (speakers) one. No problems with the player for the last few months since i bought the phone, this is the first one so far. Hope this post gets enough attention for this problem to be fixed in future releases.

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