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Poweramp detected as a cast device and sound quality lowered after transition to samsung android 9


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Hey, soo yeah as the title suggests, i have problems with my s8 and Poweramp after i upgraded to 9.0. The volume is considerably lower, the lower end is weaker, and Poweramp is considered as a cast device (i think, will include photos). When i turn the volume, instead of the "Media" volume bar popping up, a separate bar with a cast icon appears, and has no warning past the 9 level, suggesting it's recognised as a speaker or something? I'm not sure, i'm not entirely sure i understand it. When i disable DVC, the volume corrects but the sound is distorted and the lows bleed into the mids. Same happens if i disable Hi-Res output (48khz/16bit, i read in another post it has to be that). I tried denying Soundalive permission to change system settings and even tried to force stop it, along with Poweramp. I'm not sure what mught be causing the issue, i messaged samsung and they suggested i contact the developer. I submitted a bug report, but i'm posting here aswell in case someone has a solution.

Here are the links to the screenshots:



Thanks in advance!

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@maxmp thanks for the clarification. Regarding the sound quality and volume issue, do you have any suggestions as to what might be causing it? If it's a problem with android 9 itself, will it be possible for the issue to be fixed with a future update?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my problem :)



P.S. I downloaded the older build you provided, and while the volume issue is still present the sound quality is noticeably better.

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6 minutes ago, Emberfire said:

Regarding the sound quality and volume issue, do you have any suggestions as to what might be causing it?

Samsung severely restricted the available choices for some technical parameters. Maxmp typically recommends to try the "Restore Defaults" switches in Settings > Audio > Output > [plugin] > [device]


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12 hours ago, Emberfire said:

@blaubär Strangely enough, enabling OpenSL ES Output for wired headphones fixed the volume issue! The option won't turn off for comparison though, every time i try to turn it off it turns right back on. hmmm...

Perhaps there were some old settings which aren't valid any more and didn't get corrected when android updated. Now that they are updated Poweramp won't change back because now they aren't allowed.

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