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  1. @andrewilley What interests me Andre, is the FLAG_NEEDS_DEEP_BUFFER on the Xiaomi output log. Deep Buffer is a feature which could be disabled by rooting the device. But then again, thank you for your advice, until I find an alternative I guess I would be sticking to hi-res output for now.
  2. Hello! Thank you for replying! Here are the logs as requested. @andrewilley @AinzOoalGown @maxmp . I'm hoping these could shed some light on the topic.
  3. Thank you for replying Max, my only issue is that with Audiotrack on my Galaxy S9 it defaults to 192kHz/24 bit on the USB dac with Float32 enabled. On the Xiaomi device running MIUI, it's at 48kHz regardless if the bit depth is 16/24 bit. Could this be an issue with the OS of the newer device? Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for taking the time and effort to answer my query Andre, much appreciated. I do hope Max can shed some light on the topic.
  5. Thank you for replying! Yes I did enable the Float32 Sample Format, but the output sample rate remains to be the same. On my previous device, the Samsung S9, the sampling rate is 192kHz regardless if the Float32 is enabled or disabled. Thank you for replying! I was wondering what was the difference between Audiotrack Output and Hi-res output. Anecdotally, having lower latency reduces the chances of stutters occurring when playing music. My previous device was rooted and had a third party DSP (JamesDSP), hence I disabled all EQ on Poweramp.
  6. Hello everyone. I've purchased Poweramp awhile back and have used it with no issues on my Galaxy S9 along with my Tempotec Sonata HD Pro DAC capable of 384kHz/32bit output. On the S9 it would default to 192khz/24bit output with the Audiotrack output selected in the audio settings. I've purchased a new phone (Xiaomi Poco X3) running MIUI 12.0.2 Android Q. Upon installing Poweramp (v3, b884), the output of the USB DAC is limited to 48kHz/16bit on both OpenSL and Audiotrack. I could alter the sampling rate by enabling Hi-res output, but that introduces a lot of latency. On the S9 with Audiotrack output selected, the sampling rate was 192kHz with low latency of around 80ms compared to the Xiaomi hi-res output having 200ms with 96kHz selected. My questions are: 1) What could be causing this issue? My guess is the stock player interferes with Poweramp's direct access to USB audio. 2) Is there a difference in altering the sampling rate on Hi-res output vs allowing the native sampling rate of the device (192kHz/24bit) to be utilized when Audiotrack output is used? Thanks and hope you could help me out. Attached are screenshots of the issue in question. https://i.imgur.com/ctVfnEn.jpg
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