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Song order lost in playlists


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Today i noticed a weird issue where a lot of the songs in a playlist got out of order by 2 to 3 songs up or down.


This is what i did before noticing the issue:

- Moving new songs in a playlist from the bottom to the desired place

- deleted some songs in the same playlist


Also i noticed some weird issues moving songs inside a playlist

- the "move song" icon appears on the banner of the playlist and in the playlist itself until i pressed back several times.

I want to also ask for a little new feature: move various songs in a playlist at the same time, this would help to organize playlists more easily.


Hope this get fixed soon 😁

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17 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Are you talking about the Playlist category view? And when you start dragging a track from the bottom of the list to somewhere in the middle, other track ordering gets changed too? Perhaps a video of this happening with a smallish list that can be seen on one screen?


I just forced the issue, when moving songs too fast some others get pushed upwards and move from their original position.

Seems to happen when i move songs too fastScreenshot_20190216-001558.thumb.png.b8f0441b1864e1a3fa8c0833b5fbd15a.pngnotice the song "Toadfinger", i choosed Mechanical Dragon and moved it randomly up and down.

Screenshot_20190216-001614.thumb.png.e438b0e26abb3f13d5f8dec6e45093d5.pngAfter that i left the chosen song on top and Toadfinger also moved to the top, i saw how that song got "pushed" by my movements upwards

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