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  1. True, the only way maybe is thinking outside the box and grouping songs by album, but then one should just have an artist in a folder then enter in folder hierarchy and then maybe sort albums by year..., anyway this seems more viable than my previous idea, thanks.
  2. Probably, as far as i know it's not posible to combine multiple sorting options, (or rather I haven't seen such option), normally when organizing by year the songs in the same date get organized by title but not Track#, maybe a way to approach this might be an option to make Poweramp prioritize track# over title? So users can choose their preferred way if they have ocd like me? (As i said before this might already be in the app but i haven't seen such option yet)
  3. It would be nice to have this option in the Re-Sort playlist option so you can have various albums from multiple artist ordered by year and presented in a organized fashion, useful for long series soundtracks or for a band discography playlist!
  4. I just forced the issue, when moving songs too fast some others get pushed upwards and move from their original position. Seems to happen when i move songs too fastnotice the song "Toadfinger", i choosed Mechanical Dragon and moved it randomly up and down. After that i left the chosen song on top and Toadfinger also moved to the top, i saw how that song got "pushed" by my movements upwards
  5. Today i noticed a weird issue where a lot of the songs in a playlist got out of order by 2 to 3 songs up or down. This is what i did before noticing the issue: - Moving new songs in a playlist from the bottom to the desired place - deleted some songs in the same playlist Also i noticed some weird issues moving songs inside a playlist - the "move song" icon appears on the banner of the playlist and in the playlist itself until i pressed back several times. I want to also ask for a little new feature: move various songs in a playlist at the same time, this would help to organize playlists more easily. Hope this get fixed soon 😁
  6. Same here, it happens every time when i choose a song in a list and randomly when changing songs with headphones controls, song does not play, it tries but just give up
  7. Another thing is that there is no way to know in what playlist im in in the songs list and i any place on the main player screen, even in the playlist screen there is no highlight on the playlist currently playing
  8. It would be nice to have an option to separate users playlist like in older versions (user playlist and playlist from files) i usually do playlist backups and now i have duplicated playlist one after another Example added
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