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Playlist after a search


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Long time user, first time posting !

Don't know if my problem is a bug or intended.

I'm using Poweramp v3 on a One plus 6 (Oxygen OS 9.0.3)

Here is the issue :

- On Poweramp, i search for a song

- I select a song, it starts playing

- After the song finishes, the next is song is from the previous research result

On v2, i would search for a song, play it, and the next song would be from the same folder instead of the search result

Am i missing an option, i'm using the "Random song, same folder" ? Is there anyway to have the same behavior ?


Thanks for the help !

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After a search request has been played, and your choice was to play a single song, then afterwards Poweramp returns to regular playback in All Songs mode (the next track to be played will depend on whatever Sort Order you have defined for the All Songs category, it will be the next track in that sequence).

If you want to listen to more than one of the songs that were discovered in the Search results, long-press on any of the items first and you will then see multi-select tickboxes down the left-hand side. Choose all of the items that you want (songs/albums/etc) and tap Add to Queue. Playback of the chosen items will commence either immediately or after the currently playing song has finished (depending on your chosen option in Settings > Library > Queue). After the queue is finished, you will be returned to the next song in whatever mode was originally playing before you did the search.


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