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albums separated by artist

kushal singh

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[moved to v3 forum as you posted this in the old legacy v2 area]

PA v3 now correctly supports the Album Artist tag which is used for the purpose you describe.

On the old version, only the Album Title tag was originally used to link album tracks together, but this caused issues with compilations and where you have several albums correctly tagged with the title "Greatest Hits" but by different artists (Bruce Springsteen, the Spice Girls, etc).  You certainly don't want them lumped together as one big album, which could happen on v2. 

Make sure that all the tracks which you want to have grouped together have the same Album Artist tag, even if the individual track artists may vary. For example for a compilation album that might be "Various Artists", which will combine with the Album Title to ensure only the correct tracks are grouped together.

You may also want to check Settings > Library > Lists > Join Albums, which can help if you have songs without Album Artist tags (but can also cause problems as indicated above).



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7 minutes ago, anca2604 said:

Can you please tell what what settings do I need to change so that if I have for example CD1, CD2, CD3 into one folder, to not show as 3 separate albums? To have them show up as one single album? How do I do that?

This is a question of tags, meaning the metadata, not of folders and file names.

An album is the set of songs that have the same album artist and the same album title. If you don't want to set album artist make sure they all have the same artist.

So EDIT the TAGS of the songs correspondingly. If you do that outside of Poweramp then do a rescan so that Poweramp reads the new tags.

Then enter library with the category artist or album, not folder, choose the album and play.

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