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Bring back album cover art in List view via cover.jpg etc


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There was an option in v2 to use cover.jpg when in album list view so albums showed their covers but then individual tracks inside might have different artwork. Liked that feature as I often have different images for tracks inside an album but when looking at List seeing the proper cover was nice.


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not using any downloaded art - -this is about local files.

Isn't it pretty common to have AlbumArt.jpg or cover.jpg in album folders? Well, there was an option to use this as the playlist/album image, and then when playing individual tracks it loads the embedded art....(which would be same, or now could be something different)

Just a nice feature to show outside of albums in the list view and perhaps individual discs/inlay artwork on single tracks when listening



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I was upset this is gone but we found a way to make the main cover different in album list view than the embedded tracks like you want. It's just not as easy as putting it in the folder like v2 but imo it actually works better because you can have many different songs from many different albums in one folder and all show different artwork than embedded for each album.

You just have to put the jpg covers in your Poweramp album art folder (usually located in your internal storage) android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/  

The covers have to be named: Artist - Album Title.jpg 

For example: Pink Floyd - The Wall.jpg

If it's not exactly the same as the tag it won't work. The only exception is certain special characters in the jpg album title or artist name like &?#/' have to each be replaced with a _

For example: John & Mary - It's Time.jpg    becomes    John _ Mary - It_s Time.jpg

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