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  1. I am someone who likes to use multiple covers in an album (especially songs that were released as radio singles with special artwork) just like Genius.com does. I'm also super OCD about seeing the right cover for the album as the thumbnail/placeholder. Putting a jpg in "album_art" ensures you see the correct thumbnail for an album and I currently have 1648 jpg files in that folder. But, I'm finding it difficult to keep up with because Poweramp doesn't use the first song of the album like I originally thought, it seems based on the oldest file added to the library of that artist+album. Which causes you to delete all existing files for that album, full Rescan, send a song with the correct cover first and then do another full rescan. These are the scenarios I've ran in to: Scenario #1: When a new single comes out and I add it to my phone it usually has a single cover. Then weeks/months later the album comes out and I add the rest of the album. Poweramp is stuck on that single artwork as the album thumbnail because it was the oldest song added to the library for that album. Scenario #2: When a Flac/Hi-Res version of an album comes out and I decide to upgrade only a couple of songs from that album and for whatever reason I upgrade track 1 and not track 2 which has a single cover, after I do a full rescan to flush the songs that are missing from the library, now Poweramp sees track 2 as the oldest song of that album and shows the single artwork as the thumbnail. Scenario #3: Changing random tags of songs from an album in Poweramp causing it to not be the oldest song anymore, do a full rescan at some point, now Poweramp sees a song with a single cover as the oldest song and changes the thumbnail. It's a lot to keep up with to try to have the right cover as the thumbnail/placeholder of an album using multiple covers.. I think this is a good request for the option of folder.jpg/cover.jpg to be shown default as the thumbnail for the album like V2 used to.
  2. When exporting playlists it hangs and causes my file explorer program to not work anymore and I have to restart the phone before everything is normal. When I restart I notice one or more of the playlists exported are 0.0kb. When I go into the playlists I find broken/missing files. Once I remove them and export again the problem is gone. I don't know why the files are showing as broken. Usually the files are ones i haven't touched in years. I go into the library and there the song is and i can re-add it but it's also showing as an unknown artist as if there's two copies of the same song. Almost every time I do a full rescan I get broken files showing as unknown artist, but then I go into the library and there the file is. I can't remember exactly when this started but I know it's always done it in 905. Sometimes I have to rescan 3-4 times before I have 0 unknown artists and each time the list changes. Happened on Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia 5 II
  3. I think we all want to hide ONLY Album Title. I still want to see Artist.
  4. I don't really think anything would need to be modified in Poweramp. The Emulators that currently exist work with Poweramp just fine. Windows would have to build into their emulator drivers that simulate a generic android sound device that most Android apps would recognize and that you could select in Poweramp. It would simply pass through Poweramp selecting an already supported (simulated sound device) to your default sound card that does all of the work? You either have a Hi-Res sound card or you don't. In Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal and Spotify I just select which device I want to output to, and I then change my sound card settings to 16bit/24bit/44/48/96/192 or whatever I want and that's the quality I get. I have an emulator but never really cared to see how it handles sound quality, I'll look at and see. [Edit] I haven't used my emulator for Poweramp in forever. So I have a really old version of Bluestacks and Poweramp 589. It won't let me update to 905 to see how Hi-Res works. I played a 24bit/48kHz song with no issues. It played it at 16bit/44kHz though. So not sure if that's the Bluestacks emulator or the really old version of Poweramp. Neither of them has selectable Audio settings. I really wanted to use the emulator so i could work out all of the tagging bugs on the PC and preview in Poweramp before sending to my phone. Unfortunately the Emulators required the music library to be in "Documents" which is bleh. I keep my files SSD and my OS SSD isolated so things run smoother. If the new Windows 11 allows me to select any storage location and Poweramp runs smoothly (regardless of audio quality) I will definitely upgrade.
  5. So i have to make a playlist with all 13,000+ songs on my old phone, then export the playlist to my SD card so i can import on the new phone? What happens if my old phone is dead/lost? I'm SOL? I mean, I have all of my Poweramp selected images backed up because i add them from the PC when i add music, but then the only way to back up your ratings is: every time you change/add a rating, you then have to make sure that song is on a playlist and export a backup of the playlist(s) to an external file? That's asking a lot to constantly do/remember. Losing your preferences/settings of the app is one thing, but losing your entire music library ratings is a whole 'nother level of ****ery. I'm sure "Poweramp reads/writes embedded ratings" is already a feature request. But it seems necessary for simplicity and if you don't want to risk losing a lot of vested time. Or if that's complicated maybe Poweramp could at least auto-save the ratings to an external playlist/xml type file on your sd card each time you update/add a rating to a song.
  6. I had the same problem Sunday and Monday and I was going to post the same thing, however today it was working like it should. Not sure why, must be a bug. Running Android 11, Sony Xperia 5 II. Also does Poweramp not read embedded Ratings? I was Rating songs using Poweramp on my last device and I upgraded my phone this week. I tried exporting and importing settings but it just kept crashing Poweramp up each time I tried. So I can't do that and it really sucks Poweramp didn't embed them. I tried embedding a few in my tag program but Poweramp won't read them? I really don't want to rate 13,000+ songs in Poweramp only to lose them again next time i upgrade or break my device.
  7. I forgot about that option. That fixed my problem. As long as you don't want the songc at the top of the list and the bottom.
  8. I have a problem in 905 making playlists. I keep getting duplicate entries. I can replicate every time. I went to a specific genre and selected "all songs" and picked the first song to play, hold song artwork of current playing song or any song in current playing list and choose "add to playlist" and i created a new playlist. Any song i add from the current playing list to this new playlist duplicates 3-5 entries. If i browse anywhere in my library outside of the current playing list and add to this playlist it only adds one entry. Go back to the current playing list of songs and add any from this list results in duplicate entries every time.
  9. I can't express enough how useful it is to manipulate Poweramp with Unicode: Peter Gabriel - Normal Peter Gabrieⅼ - special ⅼ Peter Gabrⅰel - special ⅰ Peter Gabriel - special G These will show up as 4 different Peter Gabriel albums in Poweramp and you can keep your artist and album artist untouched. It's not always perfect finding a direct letter replacement, like the G will look slightly different but you can't even tell the i and l are different. Find more alternatives @ https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/U+2170
  10. Go to this page and search for any letter /character you're looking for. Towards the bottom of the page of that character it will show you alternatives you can try. If they show up on your phone, they will show up in Poweramp. https://www.compart.com/en/unicode
  11. I was wondering if it did both. when i used to tag mine as "artist; Artist 2" i noticed Poweramp trimmed the space in between. I wasn't sure it did both sides.
  12. Exactly. You should be able to tag using the full ampersand "Czarface & MF Doom" and add that special & as the splitter.
  13. I use ❌ it shows up red and a lot of artists are using X instead of & or feat. You could also use a Unicode version of &. It looks identical and it wouldn't be confused with the regular one by Poweramp. ﹠ - small ampersand & - full ampersand & - standard keyboard Just copy and paste into your tag. This is what the 3 different ones look like in Poweramp side by side :
  14. I would be fine with it across the board.
  15. If there was a "show titles and artist only" instead of "show titles only" i would use it. When I'm in artist, album artist, genre, or albums you really don't need the album title next to every song of the album you're looking at. I mean every song can only be that album. It's also in the header so you don't even have to leave the list to see what album you're on (if you got there though some other menu). I don't know that i ever need to even see album title on the now playing screen. I think the cover art is enough to tell me what album I'm on. I just need to see the song title and possible multiple artists on the song. Album title next to the song is really only useful to me in folder hierarchy with a bunch of random songs in one folder.
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