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  1. So I did notice an issue. Songs by artist 2pac that are not tagged with track numbers show as having the track number of 2. The artist 10 years shows all songs as 10. 50 Cent songs show as track 50. Etc etc. Artists with three digits like 311 show up as track 99. Now tagging all of these songs with a track number fixes this obviously. The problem I see is I have a lot of non album songs by a few of these artists. So there really is no track number. I can live with renaming 2pac to Tupac but I'm not sure what I rename artists like 311 or 50 cent to get them to not show up as if it had a track tag of 99 or 50. Maybe there's a way that if we tag track numbers with something like a 0 or a X it will tell Poweramp to hide track number for that song?
  2. Oh I see I didn't realize that was the "meta" line. That's perfect then. So I tried out the meta option and what I noticed is: for songs that don't have the filename numbered or tagged the number "10" shows up by default. Other than that I'm torn between having the # show on the left side of the art or down in the meta field. Both are very good options. [EDIT] A rescan appears to have fixed the problem with the "10". There is now no number there when it doesn't exist.
  3. Relevant Categories removes the track numbers from playlists and main player screen. I had to do a full rescan then it worked in every other category. Its on the left of the album artwork with the Separate Number option (which I like better) and does not work in Grid view.
  4. Thank you for removing track numbers in playlists and main player!! The way you have "relevant categories" set up is So much better!! I think I found what you can call a bug. In the one list view "small" The track number overlaps the album art. I really like it better that you moved the number to the left side of the album art. It's too congested right there in front of the song title on the right side.
  5. I never tag track numbers and I saw the last update Poweramp automatically found lots of albums with track numbers. Files that started with the number first, example: "01 - song title.mp3" Poweramp recognized this and numbered them. Songs that didn't start with the number "artist - 01 song title.mp3" Poweramp did not auto recognize to number and require the tag to be present.
  6. Thanks for the new features and updates! I really like the show track number option. I really don't like that it shows on the main screen while playing. If you can simply click on the cover and it takes you to the list with track number, that's more than adequate. I think you just want to see the artist, song and album title when playing a song. Track numbers in list view only. It's really odd and confusing when playling playlists with multiple albums. TBH I had to turn it off. IDK it just bothers me seeing that on the main screen. I'm not used to seeing that in any other media player.
  7. Years is a really nice addition! I've noticed websites are now starting to add the month and day the albums are released to the year field. Is there a possibility Poweramp could also recognize the rest of the year tag and sort in order of month? Example: an album released today is being tagged 2019-01-03 instead of just 2019. I think this would be amazing if you could go into the new years category and all of the albums are listed in order by the month they came out because of this extra part of the tag. One artist I listen to released 4 albums this year. Poweramp currently has no way to show them in the order they were released. I don't think it's necessary to show that extra bit of tagging, just utilizing it for sorting.
  8. Is there any way to currently use release dates for sorting? My problem is for example, one artist I listen to has released 4 albums this year. When I look at his album list (I sort by year) they are completely out of order for when they were released for 2019. I've seen some websites that started adding the date following the year in the year tag field (ex: 2019-11-30) and I tried that for both albums but it didn't work. The year still shows, but Poweramp still sorted alphabetically. I'm guessing Poweramp completely ignores everything after the first 4 digits. Is there currently a method for this or does this need to be a request?
  9. Your problem could be "syncing" using musicbee. Last time I checked, Musicbee embeds additional information to be used in conjunction with musicbee player on your device for multiple artists or what not. You should try to create a simple playlist using text editor or a playlist creator and drag & drop that playlist from your computer to your device, NOT using a SYNCING program and see if that solves the problem. This will prevent musicbee from adding additional data that may confuse Poweramp. I use Winamp to create playlists on my PC, but what I've noticed is Winamp can't correctly path special text characters in folders or filenames. So I have to go in and edit the playlist in a text editor to make sure the full filenames are there. I also now remove all paths and keep only the filename as Poweramp doesn't need it and also last time I checked Poweramp will not play an external playlist that has certain special characters in the path/filename. Certain website where you download mp3 files use a special unicode - character to names files that confuses Poweramp. Just one example.
  10. What andrewilley said works in folder view. One file named "folder.jpg" for each folder. Long pressing and choosing an image will change every song in the album. I like to change artwork of songs that were singles and only on a deluxe edition that has a different cover so I don't use that option. You can get the same function folder.jpg uses to work everywhere else in Poweramp also but you have to copy the jpg to poweramps /album_art/ folder and name it correctly. For example: /androld/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/2pac - Greatest Hits.jpg That will make Poweramp show whatever artwork you choose instead of choosing the first song artwork. This works everywhere outside of the folder view category.
  11. +1 as a lot of transcribed lyrics have a ? Or mistakes
  12. I know some people have requested different colored fonts. I found that using unicode symbols work well in Poweramp. Some show up different colors in Poweramp. I found a handful of these useful in Folder Hierarchy to make certain artists and folders Pop out. You can put these in tags and make it pop out also. Anywhere really because they just act as a letter. ☀ ♒ ♥ ♦ ⚡ ⚪ ⛔ ✨ ❌ ❎ ❤ ➕ ⭐ ⭕ View this page on your phone, depending on what OS you have they'll show up different colors. A bunch more here: https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/category/So I changed my Windows Explorer and Tagging programs default font from "Segoe UI" to "Segoe UI Symbol" Everything still looks the same except now I can see these special symbols.
  13. It doesn't work in Genre or Composers on my device. I can see only track count and year. I can see a total length for that composer or Genre, but not a total length for each album in those categories. I mean a total running time for Genre... I have 339:20:31 for Alternative, 407:40:51 for Hip Hop... interesting numbers, but not really useful. The new NF album is 1:12:19 That's pretty useful to know if I'm trying to decide if I have enough time to listen the whole album.
  14. Thanks for always being snarky in your responses. Good job Admin! At some point there will be one player that does everything important that Poweramp does and video. Poweramp should really be that player... On my device, You currently have to be in the album category to see a length for each album. You can't simply go to Artists, Album Artists, Genre or any other category for that matter and see a list of albums and see length of each individual album. You only see Track count and year. Scrolling back and forth through 3891 albums on my phone in the Albums category just to see a time length is ridiculously time consuming. Hence the request for a third field showing album length in other categories. BTW Maxmp said this is on the todo list.
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