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  1. Is there any way to currently use release dates for sorting? My problem is for example, one artist I listen to has released 4 albums this year. When I look at his album list (I sort by year) they are completely out of order for when they were released for 2019. I've seen some websites that started adding the date following the year in the year tag field (ex: 2019-11-30) and I tried that for both albums but it didn't work. The year still shows, but Poweramp still sorted alphabetically. I'm guessing Poweramp completely ignores everything after the first 4 digits. Is there currently a method for this or does this need to be a request?
  2. Your problem could be "syncing" using musicbee. Last time I checked, Musicbee embeds additional information to be used in conjunction with musicbee player on your device for multiple artists or what not. You should try to create a simple playlist using text editor or a playlist creator and drag & drop that playlist from your computer to your device, NOT using a SYNCING program and see if that solves the problem. This will prevent musicbee from adding additional data that may confuse Poweramp. I use Winamp to create playlists on my PC, but what I've noticed is Winamp can't correctly path special text characters in folders or filenames. So I have to go in and edit the playlist in a text editor to make sure the full filenames are there. I also now remove all paths and keep only the filename as Poweramp doesn't need it and also last time I checked Poweramp will not play an external playlist that has certain special characters in the path/filename. Certain website where you download mp3 files use a special unicode - character to names files that confuses Poweramp. Just one example.
  3. What andrewilley said works in folder view. One file named "folder.jpg" for each folder. Long pressing and choosing an image will change every song in the album. I like to change artwork of songs that were singles and only on a deluxe edition that has a different cover so I don't use that option. You can get the same function folder.jpg uses to work everywhere else in Poweramp also but you have to copy the jpg to poweramps /album_art/ folder and name it correctly. For example: /androld/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/2pac - Greatest Hits.jpg That will make Poweramp show whatever artwork you choose instead of choosing the first song artwork. This works everywhere outside of the folder view category.
  4. +1 as a lot of transcribed lyrics have a ? Or mistakes
  5. I know some people have requested different colored fonts. I found that using unicode symbols work well in Poweramp. Some show up different colors in Poweramp. I found a handful of these useful in Folder Hierarchy to make certain artists and folders Pop out. You can put these in tags and make it pop out also. Anywhere really because they just act as a letter. ☀ ♒ ♥ ♦ ⚡ ⚪ ⛔ ✨ ❌ ❎ ❤ ➕ ⭐ ⭕ View this page on your phone, depending on what OS you have they'll show up different colors. A bunch more here: https://www.compart.com/en/unicode/category/So I changed my Windows Explorer and Tagging programs default font from "Segoe UI" to "Segoe UI Symbol" Everything still looks the same except now I can see these special symbols.
  6. It doesn't work in Genre or Composers on my device. I can see only track count and year. I can see a total length for that composer or Genre, but not a total length for each album in those categories. I mean a total running time for Genre... I have 339:20:31 for Alternative, 407:40:51 for Hip Hop... interesting numbers, but not really useful. The new NF album is 1:12:19 That's pretty useful to know if I'm trying to decide if I have enough time to listen the whole album.
  7. Thanks for always being snarky in your responses. Good job Admin! At some point there will be one player that does everything important that Poweramp does and video. Poweramp should really be that player... On my device, You currently have to be in the album category to see a length for each album. You can't simply go to Artists, Album Artists, Genre or any other category for that matter and see a list of albums and see length of each individual album. You only see Track count and year. Scrolling back and forth through 3891 albums on my phone in the Albums category just to see a time length is ridiculously time consuming. Hence the request for a third field showing album length in other categories. BTW Maxmp said this is on the todo list.
  8. Video Playback will never happen? I come here a lot and read a lot of posts and I never saw that answer anywhere.... Who knows if I would have ever known that without this post! Just another request lost in the weeds. Aside from moderators the average person that comes here doesn't have time to read 99% of the posts to find what they're looking for. Between this section and the Release Discussion section you have endless repetitive Posts dating back years that you would have to go through to see if your request exists and if there's even an answer in any of them. This post was an attempt to spark some cohesion and save people time.
  9. That's what I've seen. I've experimented in other android players and there's a bunch of conflicts displaying artists. It would be nice if this is a limitation of android, if Poweramp could read a different field like "comments" for example, and pick up on artists featured on those songs. I love Spotify's "Appears On" that shows underneath the artists main discography. That would be really nice and I wouldn't care about multiple artists so much if this existed.
  10. I was limited to 20, so I picked the most common Requests I saw in the first 10 pages.
  11. I vaguely remember someone saying this is a limitation based on androids os. It's only possible by a few apps that are embedding additonal information during a PC to Phone Sync and it's not possible using a tag alone. You would think it would be possible to circumvent this if you really wanted to.
  12. It doesn't matter if you select an image that already exists on your device or from the built in Poweramp web search, Poweramp automatically saves whatever artwork you choose to your internal memory @ /android/data/_com.max.mpz.audio/selected_aa/ All you have to do is Copy+Paste this folder to your SD Card or Computer and Copy+Paste to your new phone. Restart Poweramp. In short, backup that folder to your SD card, backup your SD Card to your computer = no worries. This also works for all the other folders that hold the chosen artwork: /selected_composer/ /selected_artist/ /selected playlist/ /album_art/ Backup all of those as well. Copy and paste. No losses. /album_art/ is how you manipulate Poweramp to show a certain artwork for the album, but not on any of the actual songs. Last I checked you had to manually put an image in here to get this feature to work. It basically makes Poweramp act the same way as it does in Folder Hierarchy view when it sees folder.jpg
  13. Multiple artists feature still doesn't work.. 🤡
  14. I'm not sure this is possible without a UI change but it has been requested a few times. If you're feeling froggy, you can paste this character: 🅴 into any title in your tags. (It may look like a box on your computer but it looks like this in Poweramp):
  15. Not exactly but there are multiple ways to fix this. #1 In settings/Album Art/ turn on "Download Album Art" for automatic download of missing artwork. It will download and store missing artwork in the Poweramp cache and not embed them into the actual file of the song. It may not always pick the right cover but you can easily change it by referring to option #3. #2 Save that cover from the first track as folder.jpg in each album folder on your device. I'm not sure if this fixes the shuffle problem so you may need to refer to step #3 to make this work. #3 If you click on an album and then click the three dots in the top right corner you can assign an "image" which will apply to all of the songs in that album and it won't be embedded, but it will be stored in Poweramps cache to all of those tracks as if it were embedded. #4 open your library on your PC in an app like Tag&Rename. If the first cover already has album artwork it only takes a second to right click on that first song and apply/embed it to all the songs in that folder and/or checkmarked.
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