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  1. This would only work if you do not use any of the "view album artist instead of artist" options, otherwise you would not see any of those multiple artists. You would only see album artist tag as usual everywhere. This wouldn't bother me. I would continue to tag those artists in the song title after "feat".
  2. I think this circles me right back around to confusion and chaos of this isn't done right. If i have a song tagged as Artist "Linkin park; Hybrid Theory; Chester Bennington; Mike Shinoda" do i see all of that when in a list or playing a song? In this instance i dont want to see all of that, i just want them linked and to show Hybrid Theory as the artist. Now say i have a song from the same album and it features a few guest artists on it. Do you tag the additional artists and see all of that as one massive artist line? I want to actually see the featured guests. I think for me
  3. If no support soon, we riot!
  4. I can't actually get this to work. I have the Hierarchy Files Zoom Level setting on. My structure is basically: Root/ Alternative/ N/ Nine Inch Nails/ The Downward Spiral/ 05 Closer.flac 14 Hurt.flac I've tried setting "sort by year" in "Nine Inch Nails" and then click into "The Downward Spiral" where I just see the song list/flacs and then choose "sort by filename". Then when I back out, every single section is now set to "sort by filename". I've tried this with each folder from the root down and once I cha
  5. My Feature Requests: -Being able to see the year in the meta line. -Being able to sort files differently than folders, or at least having the default secondary sorting to be filename rather than by title. -Being able to see the tagged Artist or Album Artist under the sub folder name instead of the current folder you're in. I'm looking for a way to clean this section up, suggestions are welcomed. There's two things that bother me that I think I've slightly touched on in other topics: Having to put the year in front of the folder, and having to put the artist name at the end of the fo
  6. It's easier just to navigate back to where you want to go by moving forward. No matter where you are in Poweramp you can swipe up a little and in the bottom left corner you can click the album art and go back to the main player. That's far easier than hitting back a bunch of times and accidently exiting Poweramp.
  7. If you tap the [] Square icon twice quickly it will restore Poweramp. You only minimize Poweramp hitting the back button too many times. That doesn't seem much different than a warning locking your screen and asking for a "Yes" or a "No" to avoid an exit. I've never had this happen because I never use the back button for the same reason andrewilley mentioned about the odd way Poweramp takes you to somewhere else than you already were.
  8. Tightening up the track list definitely wouldn't hurt any...
  9. I wanted to visualize this... But do we really need those extra buttons there? Maybe keep the shuffle button for those that use it, but the other 3 seem excessive.
  10. I also agree 100% Album Artist tag should ALWAYS displayed if present.
  11. I agree with this 100%. Who do you see the artist as when in an album list?
  12. How do you guys foresee this listing all artists of the track? Say your song is tagged Artist: Eminem; Dr. Dre; Snoop Dogg, Album Artist: Eminem How do I see the second and third artist when viewing the song in any list? Obivously the song would show up in the Artist category for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. But how do you see all of the artists tagged in the song? It seems as if when viewing a song, you need to see the Artist tag "Eminem; Dr. Dre; Snoop Dogg" and see the album listed as the Album Artist tag "Eminem". Another reason I can't see how multiple artists would work in both
  13. I can reproduce in every category 100% of the time. It's not the skin because i swapped over to the built in dark theme and still reproduceable every time. Maybe in settings somewhere.
  14. I would say this and genre listing albums instead of artists is the only two things holding this app from hands down the best app in every way.
  15. I'm not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. The goal is for Multiple Artists to work correctly and it's a simple implementation for Artist tag. I'm not sure making the App compatible with a third party Windows app is ever going to be a goal for the developer. You can always Emulate Poweramp and have it on Windows as well. 😤
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