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  1. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 814

    I see multiple people requesting these two things each update on V3 and we're struggling to explain what it is we're missing since the upgrade from V2 to V3. Since I have V2 build 709 on one device and V3 build 813 on another, I took some screen shots for comparison with a small sample library that has the exact same files on both devices. Note I do have the option: "Show Album Artist Tag instead of Artist tag" turned on for V3) Let me just say first, I think Poweramp is grouping albums perfectly fine. 1. This is Library/Artists/2pac in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Notice in V2 the album artists tags are shown instead of artists tag making it clearly distinguishable what albums are Various Artists or side projects. V3 looks like one artist across the board because you can only see artist tag when viewing albums. Also V3 picks the last song artist name to display under the album that should say "Various Artists". In most instances it makes it look like a soundtrack or compilation is by one artist. This is a major bug for me and others that carries over into multiple categories. 2. This is Library/Genre/Hip Hop in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Same issues as the category before. 3. This is Library/Albums in V2 (left) and V3 (right). Again it has the same issues as the other two categories. 4. Besides being able to clearly see the album artist tag in these three categories above, you could also sort by album artist tag. This is not one I ever used but this is the other feature people are requesting. The problem with using Album Artists category and Albums by Album Artists category as a substitute is they only work for Various Artists albums. Otherwise if you have your library tagged a little more advanced like some of us do it scatters albums all over the place by breaking apart one artist into many different ones and will be largely separated depending on the size of your library. It also removes artists songs from where they should be. For example some 2pac songs from compilations would no longer be in 2pac, they would now be separated and listed as Various Artists. Another problem with Artists category and Genre category is they break the albums into multiple pieces that make it look like you have multiple albums by the same artist by not being able to see that album artist tag. It wouldn't be bothersome if you were able to see that there's a artist difference like V2 shows and not look like a bunch of discrepancies or errors in the app. These being the two most popular categories makes this a problem for a lot of people. The sorting was probably removed on purpose to hide the Unknown Artist bug. I get that part. But can't the "Show Album Artist tag over Artist tag (If Exists)" apply when viewing albums too? That shouldn't affect grouping or sorting?
  2. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 814

    They are referring to seeing album artist tag when looking at the album instead of artist tag. Option Doesn't display when viewing albums. Only individual songs.
  3. Absinthequ

    Re-add "Album artist" as Sort Option for Album view

    I hate to be annoying forgive me if you already saw my posts, but this is the one that several people have been requesting be updated. It doesn't show when viewing albums in Genre Category and Artists Category so it makes our library looks like we have duplicate albums by the same artist. I'm more of an advanced tagger so I have lots of albums with the same Artist tag and album tag but a different album artist tag for a few songs. Another reason we do this is so we can group together albums by one singer who might be the lead singer of multiple bands. Poweramp groups these together great and we love that with this option you can now see the album artist tag for individual songs, but we would like to be able to see which band/artist it is when you see the album listed throughout Poweramp also. All this customization is what makes Poweramp the best so thanks for tolerating people like me. This is an example of what I see in Artist category or Genre category when looking at certain albums (because this option doesn't override Artist tag when looking at albums):
  4. Absinthequ

    Request: Please allow custom playlist covers

    For the time being I created a 3 second mp3 for each playlist I have. Since it displays the first song on the list I just put them as the first song on the list with whatever cover art I want.
  5. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 812

    I don't know if there is a way. Might need to be a feature request.
  6. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 812

    Settings/Library/Music Folders/ and you have to uncheck "music" folder, but checkmark every sub folder inside of it. This will make it so you don't have to click the "music" folder, but then you have to go back each time you add or rename a folder in this directory and manually checkmark them or they won't show up. However if you add or rename subfolders inside of folders you already have checkmarked they will automatically show up. Then go to Settings/Library/Lists/Library List Options/ and long press Folders Hierarchy. This will take you directly there with one click of that bottom left button.
  7. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 811

    Both of those options would be nice.
  8. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 811

    That's good to know! I try to stay away from adding anything using Poweramp and now I have a good reason to never do it.
  9. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 811

    I found an easier way to make m3u's for Poweramp and no need to edit them after moving files. I used to create temporary folders and m3u playlists using winamp every time I added music and later I would move things around and I would redo the playlists to reflect the new locations, but I found Poweramp only needs a list of the files, the folders and all that other crap in the m3u don't matter. For example if you open your m3u playlist in notepad it will probably have a bunch of useless #EXTM3U info and the locations of the files something like this: ../sort/2018rock/Weezer - Zombie Bastards.mp3 ../sort/P.O.D.-Circles-2018/P.O.D. - 11 Home.flac But all you need is to open notepad and save a list of the file names as a .m3u something like: ../Weezer - Zombie Bastards.mp3 ../P.O.D. - 11 Home.flac If you move the files or rename the folders a full rescan or resync of the m3u repairs the playlist for the new file locations. No need to edit the playlists. The direction of the / \ doesn't seem to matter and my list requires ../ because my playlists are in Music/playlists/ and I need to tell it to jump back out of that folder and start looking for files at Music/
  10. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 811

    No it was just 3 guys talking a lot about it. lol j/k My wife doesn't use those features either. So there's a +1 haha. But that's why it would be nice as a skin or a toggle on/off as an option, for the people who don't use any of that. The shuffle button is in the library everywhere you look also. Seems like maybe you could toggle it in the other areas it already exists. Not sure what the difference is or what's possible as I never use it. Maybe as part of the UI it's permanently stuck there. Sometimes I accidentally hit the repeat or shuffle and don't realize it until it plays a song or list it shouldn't. It's more of an annoyance for me than anything and now taking up precious album cover space lol.
  11. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 811

    Just have a skin to get rid of that whole row of buttons. I never use visualization, timer, or shuffle. I'm sure not many people do.
  12. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 810

    @maxmp I have an alternative skin idea that would get that cover art bigger. I never ever use any of those 4 buttons right below the title. The visualizer, timer, shuffle, etc. I would also be willing to lose the track count in the middle. That whole row could be turned off and make cover art much bigger. A lot of people who never use any of that would probably prefer a simple skin without all that anyways and larger album art. Just an idea. =}
  13. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 809

    Not sure what category you're in? but Definitely some bugs with the album artist tags causing these issues. I'm wondering if this is because you have no "album artist" tag? Poweramp appears to prefer to sort albums by the "album artist" tag. If your files are tagged with the correct "album artist" tag (various artists for example for compilations) then Poweramp will group it as one album in "albums" and "album artist" category. Where Poweramp goes haywire is in the "artist" and "genre" category. Poweramp will group the songs by artist but will separate the songs because of the "album artist" tag. So if you have an album that has the same "artist" tag and the same "album" tag but a totally different "album artist" tag for each song then it will list multiple versions of the same album. Here's an example below of an album that is not a compilation album, but it has a few songs that have a album artist tag that is different, because they are solo songs. Because the "album artist" can't be seen, it looks like duplicates.
  14. Absinthequ

    Multiple composers

    I think this is a android sorting issue. I've been wanting this and artists for a long time. I just don't think android is allowing it.
  15. Absinthequ

    Show Album Artist tag

    +1 A few of us have been requesting this option shows everywhere.