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  1. I know it doesn't work like this in v3, but in v2 this worked. Any song that was in the same folder as folder.jpg would have a placeholder in any album list. It didn't matter the album title because it wasn't attached to tags. It also wouldn't show in a song list or when playing the songs, it only showed as an album list cover, no matter the tags. I still have v2 on my other phone and it works.
  2. BTW. V2 used to show the folder.jpg as this placeholder (just like folder view does now). It would be really awesome if that was brought back.
  3. I didn't think about removing the album artist tag. I'll have to try that to see what it looks like. One unknown artist would be better if that's what will happen. I cant change the wording though because that's my issue right now. I need to use "view album artist instead of artist for albums and songs" so in your example i would always see the word "(Singles)" in all categories and i would never see "The Tornados". The reason i always use those options is because Poweramp has no way of grouping artists together other than album artist or genre. Here's an example of how i group
  4. Basically I want to hide artists that only have 1 or 2 songs when viewing the "Album Artists" category. This makes the section much more condensed as you only see your most popular artists and you don't lose anything, because you can still see a more detailed artist list in the Artists category. Also with the new multiple artists splitting option for Artists, these 1 hit wonders could end up with many more songs attached to them in the Artists category. The grouping wouldn't change either, but it's kind of pointless to see 1000 artists in the grouping category that only have 1 song. I cur
  5. It seems like maxmp started this but didn't finish because you can manually make this work by placing the cover in: Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art Using this naming sequence : Artist - Album title.jpg I have hundreds of files in there. i have albums that i only have a placeholder when in album view, and the actual artwork for every single song of the album is completely different. The only snag is some characters don't work and need replaced, like ()/',!&$. An odd example: (Tom's) Crazy - Album: One! needs to become _Tom_s_ Crazy -
  6. I agree. But when I click on Paul Simon to see an album list I should see the correct artist listed under the album title that released that album. Not Paul Simon just because he was tagged on one song.
  7. Is that not what he said? He requoted this on his update. The only part he scratched out was about there being "- normal Artists/Album Artists categories still exist in Library and can be used together with the new ones."
  8. This is an assumption as of right now. The developer is splitting album artists category as well so he may not have the ability to keep those options for this category to show Album Artist tag instead of artist tag in. If you think about splitting album artist tag and artist tag at the same time and tried to use the current show album artist instead of artist option this can create a bunch of anomalies. If you split album artist then which album artist does it show with the "show instead" options and how does it group albums? It would need to group and show using the tag as a whole and ignore
  9. You're too deep into how Poweramp currently works to see what I'm saying. I know it wouldn't separate with an &. The whole point is in the real world (outside of how Poweramp currently works)... I should be able to tag any amount of songs or the entire album as Paul Simon, Art Gargunkel and Simon & Garfunkel (if i wanted) and then go to either solo artist and see an album listed with "Simon & Garfunkel" right there below the album title. I should not see "Paul Simon" listed as the artist under the album title of a "Simon & Garfunkel" album. That's not the artist the album belo
  10. If i go to any website/populated list of Paul Simon i expect to see an album listed as "Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends". I should see the same thing when viewing an album list of Art Garfunkel. I should not see "Paul Simon - Bookends" or "Art Garfunkel - Bookends" anywhere, ever. That's just bonkers. if it works like that. Many people will hate it and never use it. I couldn't use it. It's trading one defect for another (that is arguably far worse). I myself would end up with nearly a 1000 artists that have potentially 100's of albums that i could not differentiate between.
  11. I think the big issue with it working exactly like genre is if you tag an album as artist "Tom; Bob" and it's really an album by "Tom" that features "Bob" for 30 seconds on that one song. Then i go to "Bob" and see an album listed there and it says the album is by "Bob". I think that will be extremely confusing and annoying as well. The reason i say that is: say you are a huge "Lil Wayne" fan (for example) That guy has dozens of albums and he is featured on 100's of albums. Your Lil Wayne section will have 100's of albums and you wouldn't be able to tell which albums are his and which are fe
  12. I have no idea what you just said. Lol If i have artist as "Tom; Bob" does it show the song under two separate artists "Tom" and "Bob" or is there a third artist with "Tom; Bob" or does it just show up under "Bob" and "Tom" as "Bob; Tom". The other question is how do you know who the actual lead artist is of the song? Do you still have the options to "see album artist instead of artist"? So if i had that same song with "Bob; Tom" tagged with album artist "Tom". Could i just see "Tom" both places it is split? Or am i way off? If i tag "Bob; Tom" in album artist, it splits the s
  13. I didn't see this discussion, but would this jump to a category called Favorites where you see items you long pressed and were populated here as a new Artist or Album category? I ask because I suggested a similar category years back, where you have groups of favorite artists that you could custom name. So if you went to favorites, you would see your Favorites 1, Favorites 2, etc, etc and then a list of Artists within each that you could browse/sort. I would love to have the ability to shortcut these on the home screen. Shortcutting a Playlist with dozens of albums as a flat list is k
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