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  1. Absinthequ

    Bring back album cover art in List view via cover.jpg etc

    I was upset this is gone but we found a way to make the main cover different in album list view than the embedded tracks like you want. It's just not as easy as putting it in the folder like v2 but imo it actually works better because you can have many different songs from many different albums in one folder and all show different artwork than embedded for each album. You just have to put the jpg covers in your Poweramp album art folder (usually located in your internal storage) @ android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art/ The covers have to be named: Artist - Album Title.jpg For example: Pink Floyd - The Wall.jpg If it's not exactly the same as the tag it won't work. The only exception is certain special characters in the jpg album title or artist name like &?#/' have to each be replaced with a _ For example: John & Mary - It's Time.jpg becomes John _ Mary - It_s Time.jpg
  2. Absinthequ

    Appears On

    If Poweramp simply recognized everything after the keywords "Feat." "Featuring" or "ft." In either "artist", "album artist" or "song title" fields as a featured artist it would be mostly plug and play for most songs downloaded from most places. So for example: Eminem - Spend Some Time featuring 50 Cent; Obie Trice; Stat Quo Or Eminem featuring 50 Cent; Obie Trice; Stat Quo - Spend Some Time This would show up as artist Eminem and then would show up as a featured on song under 50Cent, Obie Trice & Stat Quo. The only issue that wound arise is people having to edit the tags to add the separator ; for multiple featured artists. I know that's not how the fields were designed, they were never designed for featuring artists at all. That doesn't mean we can't make it work. Other apps are trying to work around this also.
  3. Absinthequ

    Appears On

    It could be a special code we have to add or as simple as Poweramp recognizing "feat" or "featuring" like it does with ; for genre as a separator and using the , or & character as a seperator for each artist after. This would work for most songs already tagged. I would re-tag my entire massive library with a special code/character created just for this if needed.
  4. Absinthequ

    Appears On

    Multiple artists tag support has been requested and I do want that also but I'm proposing something different. A featured tag support. I think the next evolution of the player is to do something like Spotify has. Separating album lists into sections : Albums: Singles & EP's: Appears On/Featured On: Being able to link artists to songs they are featured on that belong to another artist doesn't even exist in Poweramp. A multiple artist tag would take care of some scenarios but you wouldn't want to use that for artists like Lil Wayne for example, who has features on 100's of other artists songs. His own albums would be lost in the list of albums he's featured on. You would want a separate section for features. Don't get me wrong, a multiple artist tag that allows albums to be listed with the regular albums would be a nice addition too. But I think we need a featured section also.
  5. Absinthequ

    Playlist cover option

    This would be a good feature as well as the same feature for genre. For now, Since Poweramp uses the first song artwork as the cover. You can simply put a 2 second mp3 as a placeholder with whatever art you want.
  6. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 818

    Yeah I did a fresh install and it's ok now. Weird. I didn't even have that problem in 817.
  7. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 818

    Just looking through some playlist and nearly half of my album art disappeared with this update. Did a full rescan and is still gone... Wtf
  8. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 818

    Album artist "All album artist songs" still broken/stuck to "compact - list" view only. You can change it using pinch, but as soon as you use the new clickable link feature or leave Poweramp and come back its in compact view again. Duplicate every time.
  9. Absinthequ


    Thats a good idea. You could just add a special character to the title. Google special characters and you can find lists of E's that Poweramp will display in the title. Found the EMIN∃M character ∃
  10. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 816

    I keep backup copies too. It appears to happen at random but it almost always happens everytime I overwrite a file that already exists in a m3u playlist. Sometimes I'll change something in a mp3 tag or better quality file with the same name. It almost always wipes the m3u playlist to 0 bytes after overwriting a file. I think the bug has something to do with Poweramp detecting a change in your library to a file or folder attached to the playlist. Causing Poweramp to do a scan and activating the playlist wipe bug.
  11. Absinthequ


    Although I would probably like this feature. I think this feature becomes a wormhole of new options and becomes tons of work. If this existed then people would want to sort by explicit in every category and have a some kind of parental mode so no explicit plays, shows, password protected etc etc. I've been around people and thought man be nice if I could turn on a feature to hide and prevent explicit music from playing or showing.
  12. Absinthequ

    Genre sorting

    +1 Genre by artist. That would make genre better.
  13. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 815

    This and multiple composers would be nice.
  14. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 816

    I duplicate that also. But when I close Poweramp and go back it reverts to compact again.
  15. Absinthequ

    Poweramp Build 816

    I found a bug with View As stuck to "List - Compact" in "All Album Artist Songs". Go to "Album Artists" category, then select an Artist then click "All Album Artist Songs". Only "List - Compact" works. No other View option will work. -Sony Xperia Z5 Compact