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  1. Multiple artists feature still doesn't work.. 🤡
  2. I'm not sure this is possible without a UI change but it has been requested a few times. If you're feeling froggy, you can paste this character: 🅴 into any title in your tags. (It may look like a box on your computer but it looks like this in Poweramp):
  3. Not exactly but there are multiple ways to fix this. #1 In settings/Album Art/ turn on "Download Album Art" for automatic download of missing artwork. It will download and store missing artwork in the Poweramp cache and not embed them into the actual file of the song. It may not always pick the right cover but you can easily change it by referring to option #3. #2 Save that cover from the first track as folder.jpg in each album folder on your device. I'm not sure if this fixes the shuffle problem so you may need to refer to step #3 to make this work. #3 If you click on an album and then click the three dots in the top right corner you can assign an "image" which will apply to all of the songs in that album and it won't be embedded, but it will be stored in Poweramps cache to all of those tracks as if it were embedded. #4 open your library on your PC in an app like Tag&Rename. If the first cover already has album artwork it only takes a second to right click on that first song and apply/embed it to all the songs in that folder and/or checkmarked.
  4. Are you saying you got this to work with Poweramp in addition to having BubbleUPNP? Instead of starting a new topic, I'll post this here because this is exactly why I came here today... I really just want to play my music on my phone in Poweramp and cast to Poweramp on my second android device (Android Car Head Unit). My second device doesn't have chromecast and that appears to be the only way to cast now? I want to actually use my Head Unit and toggle to Radio, Built in GPS Navigation, while using Poweramp and not have to plug in or Mirror the phone onto the second device and use it instead of the head units ui. So at the very least I want play/pause/<> track info and cover art to transfer. I can't believe we've come so far with our phones, but it feels like we are 10 years behind with our car head units when it comes to communicating with each other. I've bought a new generic Android Car Head Unit. I installed Car Launcher AGAMA and everything works great except I don't see Track info or cover Art in the launcher although I do see just Track Info in the Bluetooth stock app. I tried all day so many different solutions and nothing worked, no App would help display Track Info or artwork coming from my phone to the head unit and work with the launcher. So I installed BubbleUPNP to both devices and played audio using it's Built-In player and Track info + Cover Art magically worked!!! Now how can I do this with Poweramp???
  5. I cleared Poweramp data and cache to reset the skin and it still did it with the default skin settings. BTW my phone is a Sony Xperia z5 compact android 7.1.1 and there is no issues. Both phones using latest update of skin and Poweramp
  6. Still working great with update. I installed this on my wifes phone and it lags ridiculously. It's Not even usable. Tried another yaps and it works fine as well as ac couple of other skins. But with this one you can't scroll anything in lists and even swiping to next song lags. Using Sony Xperia xa1+ android 8.0.0
  7. When viewing albums the Track count and year is awesome but it would be great if total album time length was there also. When viewing artists it's great to see total songs but it would be nice to also see total albums.
  8. Please add this! Currently Poweramp genre browsing is too congested. This and adding multiple artist tag support will make this app untouchable!
  9. So with this would we be able to setup the Genre category so we could have an Artists list instead of Albums list?
  10. Yes. I like this idea and I only do web design/coding so maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like this may be asking for a large amount of re-coding/re-design to make this happen and debug. I think Genre is one of the last/oldest category listing changes being requested, so maybe it would be easier to add this and make customization a long term goal. There must be a reason this gets ignored and I feel like this could be as easy as copying and pasting the current Genre category as a new category. EX: Artist by Genre.
  11. I have to agree with the previous post. I downloaded the update and it is nearly perfect. This is what my device looks like now: It was well worth the purchase and this is what i will be sticking with. One question because there's so many options, am I overlooking the option to get the static waveseek thicker or is it thicker only for scrolling one? Not a big deal if not, I just preferred that one.
  12. I think we really need this. This would probably be a Artists by Genre category. The only time I can use the current Genre category is when shuffling. The lists become way too large/time consuming to Browse. Let's say you have 50+ artists in one genre and you could easily have 10+ album listings for each artist. A Listing of 50+ Artists would be so much easier to browse than a listing of 500+ Albums. This would make it so easy to queue only selected artists of a particular Genre quickly. It also gives you the ability to group/manipulate Artists into small lists, like "My Favorite Bands" or "Bands I've Seen Live". This would be an excellent addition to Poweramp @maxmp
  13. I dont like a large or long phones so I am one who suffers from the small album art scaling. I tried all of the other skins and I've yet to find a simple skin for my phone. I've been stuck on the "Built-In Dark" skin with alternative layout to remove the words from the album art, but the album art is scaled small. Finally I see your skin and the album artwork fills the screen!! With all the skins out there I think there's a trade-off of something we really don't like. I think your skin is very close to being so customize-able that it can be the simple Layout I've seen a lot of people requesting. I drive with my phone mounted to the dash so it's really nice to have the thick waveseek. One of the things skins suffer from is the Pause button. For Example Driving with the "Built-In Dark" skin the Play button is decent, but the Pause button is so tiny and has a tiny touch pattern. So it's difficult to resume playing while in a car driving. Most times you end up touching the waveseek and skipping through the song. Being able to turn off the Pro Buttons also makes it easier to use the phone in the car to play/pause or swipe the album cover to change songs without having those extra buttons in the way. I did notice an issue in your skin with the timestamps. They tend to overlap the waveseek on some songs and you can't read the time at all. It might be nice to move them down or add a black background to them. I didn't see that option if it exists? Also as someone else mentioned, I can only see the song title. The Artist name and Album title is hidden unless I am looking at landscape mode. Maybe you can swap the playlist counter or remove it completely so all the artist info appears? I would much rather have artist and song info over playlist counter which i really never look at anyways. Swapping the two locations at least I only lose the counter. The perfect skin for me would be this part of the Built-In skin: With your skins ability to show just the album art maximized with song title and artist info below it and all those other buttons turned off: This screenshot just shows I can see the Artist info and Album title only when landscape mode: I really like the ability to change all the colors and turn off the extra junk. But the pro buttons in the way, the waveseek being too thin and timestamp overlapping add up to a deal breaker for me. Maybe you can create a simple or car mode version of this skin where main buttons exist and are large enough
  14. I really do want some kind of artist splitting, but I do think this is going to cause a huge mess if not separated something like how Spotify does. For example: if you were a huge fan of Lil Wayne, The guy has like 400 songs featuring him and only about a dozen albums. So the list would end up 410+ albums and you have to sort through to find his actual albums Spotify for example, separates albums and singles made by the artist, then has below that a separator "Appears On" followed by an albums list including all of the "featuring" songs and compilations the artist appears on. I would prefer some kind of separator tag like genre uses or just use "feat" or "featuring" as the separator. Problem is depending on where you got the music, it could be in the song, artist or album artist field.
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