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  1. +1 It seems rare that a song doesn't have multiple Composers. If you have lots of hip hop and you look at this category it's a nightmare to decipher.
  2. A side note/question on how year sorting works (for songs). Right now the default after sort by year is to sort by title, can the default be sort by filename instead? I guess the other question is if not, is there a possibility of multiple tier sorting for this option? Examples: 1. If I sort songs by Year, In a folder/album of multiple artists "Oldies" for example. I may have 5 songs by an artist in one year, but they appear shuffled among 100 other songs because it's looking for Title. If they were sorted by filename, it would group the artists after it sorted by year because all of the songs usually start with artist in the filename. 2. I now go back to a regular album and now that I've chosen "sort by song year" all of my songs are now out of order because they are sorted by Title. If they were sorted by filename, they would be in the correct order as they all have the number in the filename when dealing with a regular album. 3. If it's all the same artist in the folder "Singles" or "B-Sides" for example, sorting by filename wouldn't affect anything, unless your filenames were badly named or started with numbers. But then they would still sort by year first, but then appear shuffled within each year (as multiple artists does now). But most people just have "artist - title" in these situations and would only affect people with files named odd. If Anyone that can think of a reason I'm wrong jump right in, but I can't think of any reason if you're dealing with a folder/album of multiple artists, why you would ever want to sort by title as default after sorting by year. This will always cause the songs to be shuffled when dealing with multiple artists of the same year and shouldn't make any difference to single artist albums. If you have a folder of multiple artists and they're named odd and start with numbers, then you wouldn't care anyways, they're shuffled as it is by title. The best fix may be Sort by year, then sort by artist, then sort by title. But I don't know how that all works and if that's possible. sorry for so many edits
  3. +1 This would also help the Year category. Right now an album that came out in January may show up at the end of the list because the album starts with a Z. This would allow to sort by release date. One of my favorite artists came out with 4 albums in 2019 and they don't show up in order. I have many noticeable instances of this in my library.
  4. I'm not going to pretend to know the exact mechanics of DLNA/UPNP, so here's the dumbed down version of how BubbleUPnP works right now, and how I would like Poweramp to work: I open Poweramp on my cell phone, turn on wifi+bluetooth and then i put it back in my pocket. I now open Poweramp on my android car stereo. I scroll down to Libraries and choose my cell phone library. I can now browse my entire cell phone library using my android car stereo Poweramp app. I can browse artists, albums, genre, playlists, etc and see all information and artwork in the library exactly as it appears on my cell phone and play anything I want. My cell phone never leaves my pocket. This is my request for Poweramp.
  5. Current casting isn't much better than bluetooth other than the screen looking more complete. Poweramp needs to be the app you are sending to. You open Poweramp on your phone and select UPnP. You open Poweramp on your android car stereo, wall mounted/desktop android tablet or Android tv and you toggle from internal library to UPnP library. You can now browse the exact same Poweramp library on either device. BubbleUPnP already does this. So I'm not just dreaming that this would work.
  6. I would prefer genre->artist->album
  7. I agree. I actually tag my "feat Dr. Dre" after the song title. So if I clicked on Dr. Dre. I would want to see "Eminem - The Marshal Mathers Lp" listed as an album because Eminem is my album artist. Then when I click the album I'll see a song listed as "Song title feat Dr. Dre" and that will also be what I'm seeing in the player. Both song list view and player will also show "Eminem - The Marshal Mathers Lp" underneath like normal. Ideally this is how I would love this to work with the artist tag "Eminem; Dr. Dre"
  8. Some of the others players I've tried use the multiple artist you browsed from as the artist. For example, if you click on Dr. Dre, and he has a small part on an Eminem song on the Marshal Mathers LP, and you tag artist as "Eminem; Dr. Dre" since you browsed Dr. Dre it lists the album as "Dr. Dre - The Marshal Mather LP" and each song is listed as "Dr. Dre - Song Title". - This sucks and makes no sense why it would be set up like this, but that's how some of the other apps I've tried work. They list "Eminem; Dr. Dre" as an artist also. Which also sucks.
  9. I am one of the biggest cheerleaders for this but I think this could be not usable depending on how it is configured. I see a lot of people saying this will clean up their library a lot, but I think that's based on them believing this will behave exactly as the Genre category does now. The other players I have tried do something weird, if you tag an artist "Paul Simon ; Art Garfunkel ; Simon & Garfunkel" you will get an Artist that shows exactly that tag as well as 3 individual artists. This is horrible and cleans up nothing. If you listen to hip hop for example, every other song features somebody, you have 300+ Lil Waynes and 300+ Eminem artists in your artist library. That being said, assuming this works exactly like genre and doesn't show that mess. On to the next major concern. How do you see this when viewing an album and song titles in an a list view? The example andrew uses can be disguised for a group album, but how does this display for features? Fur example, once I click on an "artist", Seeing albums with the multi tag will result in every song with a feature to show as a different album, which is horrible, so it needs to Revert to the first artist of the tag or "album artist" for sorting of albums and displaying artist name for that album. A better example is, If I click on Dr. Dre, and he's featured on an Eminem album, how does Poweramp know which artist to display as the artist of that album? If it displays the artist tag with multi, then a second song on the same album that features Dr. Dre and Nate Dogg would show as a different album and so on. You also don't want to see Dr. Dre listed as the artist of that album. I can't see any other way than to select the first artist of the tag, or the "album artist" as the sorting and name to display. The next concern is song list view when in an album. I think here is where you need to see the entire Artist multi tag. Otherwise the featured artists are invisible when looking at song titles. It definitely can't say it's a song by Dr. Dre and not even mention Eminem only because I got there by following the Dr. Dre link and if I did get there by going through Dr. Dre and then it only showed Eminem and no info on Dr. Dre, it would start to get confusing. I think when playing, the player should show the multi artist tag as well. It's the same situation where all of the features of that song are invisible if it doesn't.
  10. I'm around 13000 songs and no crashing ever. I would say it could be the types of phones you may be using may not have the memory to run a large scan. When an android maxes out ram/CPU it tends to kill the app or crashes. I'm running a Sony with octacore and 2gb ram for reference
  11. This was a feature I used a lot in V2 because if any song in an album was released as a radio single, I embed that singles artwork into that song (if available), and sometimes it's track 1, which caused Poweramp to display the wrong art for the album. I learned this was still possible as soon as V3 came out so I've been doing it ever since. I have 1113 images in that folder right now. I also use B-Sides album titles for many artists for non album songs as you can see above. I use a round generic or custom placeholder image so it's easy to distinguish between an album when browsing.
  12. I believe I understand what you're asking, and it still is possible. It just isn't as easy as it used to be. You're asking for a placeholder when in album list view? So look at my example below, I am in artist category, look at my "2020 B-sides" album: When I click it, I only have one song in that album, but as you can see it has a different embedded cover and Poweramp did not select the art from that song. This is how v2 used to behave with cover.jpg or folder.pg If this is what you're trying to accomplish, you can no longer use the cover.jpg/folder.jpg method, you just have to move that jpg to an internal Poweramp folder and name it correctly. So in this example above I place a jpg named "Citizen Cope - 2020 B-sides.jpg" in Poweramp folder "album_art" located @ "android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/album_art" the formala is "Artist - Album" Restart Poweramp it's good to go. Doing this will create that placeholder jpg for the album, but not affect any of the album art embedded in each song. This is a hack to that feature that used to be present in V2.
  13. It's a huge waste of space and battery power to actually use WAV instead of FLAC. It's just a container file so it doesn't actually lose any of the Audio. It only compresses the dead space of the file that is not used. Think of a glass of water that is only half full. It basically shrinks the half that is empty so it takes up less space and it does not touch the space that actually has fluid. In this case the water would be the music data and the glass would be the FLAC. You can download a program called foobar for free, and open your WAV file in there and convert it to 24bit 96kHz flac in a matter of about 1-2 seconds. Because it doesn't actually convert or compress anything, it's compressing empty space. That is why it is "Lossless".
  14. It can but it crashes a lot, the UI is limited, the album artwork is tiny. If it showed the Poweramp UI it would be different. I use a wireless adapter pad so my USB port isn't accessible. UPNP is wireless.
  15. Bluetooth doesn't give me the ability mirror Poweramp on my head unit. Using BubbleUPNP, the app is installed on the head unit and phone and they are synced and identical. Same library, category structure and all artwork included. It's just not as good as the Poweramp app so I don't use it. I use Poweramp all day at work so I want to continue my playlist when I jump in the car. So it's a hassle to switch to a different app or a seperate Poweramp library built into the head unit. Right now I just mount my 5" phone on the dash and use the head unit for Bluetooth audio. It's unfortunate because I have a 10" android screen in the car that's unused because album art doesn't even transfer and all I can do is skip tracks and see a track title.
  16. Yeah I would love if I could install Poweramp on my car head unit and get the music from my phone like BubbleUPNP.
  17. I think the people that have been anticipating this feature (which is many) are prepared to retag their entire massive library and deal with any of the little quirks that come with it. This feature outweighs many other features greatly for certain people.
  18. I had this similar issue with my android head unit. I have to full rescan each time I start the car.
  19. Could you imagine if you went on Spotify and clicked on Genre and it listed EVERY SINGLE album in the database in alphabetical order. It would take you forever to browse just A. I mean my personal library is over 4000 albums currently. Browsing by Genre->Albums with that many albums renders this category useless on my device. It's quicker to just scroll through Artists to jump to the album. I will agree Poweramp is unmatched in how many sorting options it actually has. But... Poweramp along with every personal media player I've tried is completely missing a few of the most BASIC... let me stop there and use a couple of different words: STANDARD or COMMON sorting options there is. Let's be honest and not talk about Android or Streaming or Personal Media Player for a second. Let's look at any Discography all the way back to the 90's, what order do you see and what order do you expect to be able to browse if the list was interactive? Artists->Albums,Singles+EP's,Guest Appearances->Songs Albums->Artists->Songs Genre->Artists->Albums->Songs Years->Months>Albums->Songs Playlists That's the most basic lists since the beginning of any Digital or Interactive lists, and almost all of the streaming platforms have nailed it. Can you honestly say Poweramp or any other non-streaming media player has more than 2 of the 5 fully available? I know you're saying be thankful for all the great stuff you got, but it's like giving me a huge bowl of my favorite cereal with Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, with some sugar on top, and then saying "sorry no milk or spoon". I designed websites from 1997-2013 for Gold & Platinum selling Artists, so this is my opinion based on my experience.
  20. I think Poweramp is the best out there... But it's still lacking these basic essential features that streaming services already have. I'm truly amazed and disappointed that No android player can compare to how some streaming services sort music. No multiple artists support, no separating of albums, singles, ep, guest appearances, limited genre browsing, limited playlist creation capabilities. Obviously there are some cool features that the streaming services don't offer, but there's a huge trade off of the most basic features missing.
  21. I'm +1 for synced lyrics. Definitely wouldn't trust an app to find them for me.
  22. First, Thank you for the years category! I am finally able to do away with my years playlists because of this new feature! My request is partly because of this new category and another issue: If you sort by year like i always do, you run into many instances where you notice some artists have releases that are not in order. This is because when Poweramp runs into multiple releases of the same year, it then sorts alphabetically because there is no additional info being read for sorting. Many websites are now including the month and day of release in the year field. Example an album released January 31, 2020 is tagged "2020-01-31" instead of just "2020". It would be great if Poweramp could recognize that last bit of the year tag that includes the month and day, and use it to sort albums released in the same year. This would fix that issue and make the years category better. I think if you were wanting to listen to all the music released in the summer of 2015 or the winter of 2017, there's no way to do this currently without researching and making playlists.
  23. You can use Poweramp on your pc using an android emulator. I use bluestacks for the last few years but I believe some newer ones have come along recently that may or may not be better.
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