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  1. chrisarchitect

    Queue repeats at end

    thanks for checking this out guys Right, so upon trying steps to duplicate and confirm -- it's a bit weirder than I described. Queue plays, and will play until List Finished state is reached and appears to stops successfully but then because I have crossfade all tracks turned on for 15 seconds, the track actually ends prematurely and I miss the last 15 seconds. So the marker is stopped right at near the ending seconds of the song. *If* I press play, it plays the remaining seconds and then *Starts* the track again! Why is this? Why only that last queued track - no repeat set as previously mentioned. The Queue should just reach List Finished state again and end no? Sorry this is confusing and odder than I thought - frustrating a bit because of the nuances. I just never want the queue to start playing again unless explicitly defined. Anyways, you can give it one more look for any tips but I'll just continue on I guess to see if experience changes
  2. chrisarchitect

    Queue repeats at end

    I have set Repeat Off, and On Queue End set to 'Stay in Queue / repeat Queue' I don't want it to go back to previous list (whatever that is, is unclear, previous album playing? All artists list? Because I don't want them to start playing either. I just want playing to stop at the end of the queue. Is it something to do with how I start playing the queue or is this a bug? I dunno
  3. chrisarchitect

    Queue repeats at end

    hey all my experience is that when playing a queue upon reaching the end it starts again at the top? Without any repeat enabled, and settings set to On queue End - Stay in Queue/Repeat Queue. I understand it says right there 'repeat queue' -- but why or how can I change that behaviour? When the tracks I queued up (Effectively making a temp playlist) I don't want it to start playing again when I've listened to all the tracks (unless I've enabled repeat list). v2 just stopped playing when it reached end. thanks for insights on this --
  4. Heya There was an option in v2 to use cover.jpg when in album list view so albums showed their covers but then individual tracks inside might have different artwork. Liked that feature as I often have different images for tracks inside an album but when looking at List seeing the proper cover was nice.
  5. chrisarchitect

    Progress bar off since Marshmallow update

    just noticed this was working/fixed now - thank you devs!!
  6. hey guys since I was on here, figured I might suggest a couple features I keep finding myself wanting while using Poweramp for years now. Total Length -- display the total playtime/length of an album or queue. Helpful to know how much music you've got ahead of you etc! Player UI - time remainging toggle -- ability to toggle the track length display to show the time remaining instead of the total time. Handy to know how much time is left on a track or longer 'dj set' type mix Keep up the hard work, it is a great app --
  7. chrisarchitect

    Progress bar off since Marshmallow update

    hm, that is a good insight there about 'first minutes being squeezed'/distribution. I played around with it and notice if I restart playing the track when I am experiencing the problem, sometimes it presents a correct progress bar (can drag from right points). So perhaps it is something to do with how the progress bar is drawn based on the track length when it is loading. <Shrug> if that helps/means anything. Thanks devs!
  8. hey guys was wondering about an issue that I'm seeing since receiving the android marshmallow update. Poweramp progress bar (when track playing) seems to be off, like the current position/progress isn't actually where the track is. So when you tap it to drag track etc, it jumps around/isn't in the right position. The spot that you drag is off and/or visually the progress meter is off. I have tried reloading skins, going back to default skin, (which appears to fix it on first load) but then it reverts next time the app is loaded I believe. Just can't shake the bug. Making it difficult to skip in tracks/know actual progress etc. Poweramp version 2.0.10-build-581-play (Full)Nexus 5Android 6Cheers