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Poor sound when tempo changed


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I have this same problem, so I will add my post here (I found this thread using the search-function) instead of making a new one.

My Samsung phone plays (for some reason) songs slightly too fast in my view, so I tried to change the Tempo-setting to 0.97 (slightly slower) but then the sound becomes somewhat distorted / slightly 'twisted'. I tested the other way as well, changing the setting to 1.05 (slightly faster) but with the same results.

Is there some other setting that needs 'tweaked' on Poweramp / my phone for this to work properly do you know, or is this a possible 'bug'?

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On 12/27/2018 at 5:44 PM, Gianaclis said:

in V3 when I change the tempo the sound quality is really poor. Any ideas?

Do you use a lossy audio format, e.g. mp3 ? You cannot expect that to work. Even with a lossless format I would expect the music to sound different, as it isn't meant to be slowed down.

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