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    Album Art Size Increase

    I have another question, it is partly 'off topic' perhaps but I post it here (instead of making a separate post) since it concerns Album Art Size, but for the Poweramp widget. I am using the v3 4 x 1 Poweramp widget and have tried the various setting-options included in the widget, but the widget album art size always seems to change between songs and sometimes even when playing the same song, the widget album art beginning as 'large' and then turning 'small'. I currently use Style 5, Background Opacity 0 and Shadow Opacity 0. Is there a setting or some 'tweaking' I can use to keep the widget album art permanently 'large' in the v3 4 x 1 Poweramp widget?
  2. Malagant

    Poor sound when tempo changed

    I have this same problem, so I will add my post here (I found this thread using the search-function) instead of making a new one. My Samsung phone plays (for some reason) songs slightly too fast in my view, so I tried to change the Tempo-setting to 0.97 (slightly slower) but then the sound becomes somewhat distorted / slightly 'twisted'. I tested the other way as well, changing the setting to 1.05 (slightly faster) but with the same results. Is there some other setting that needs 'tweaked' on Poweramp / my phone for this to work properly do you know, or is this a possible 'bug'?
  3. Malagant

    Album Art Size Increase

    Thanx, Max both for your quick reply on this matter and for your hard work and efforts with Poweramp!
  4. Malagant

    Volume too low since Android Pie

    I had the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 when I was upgraded from Android 8 to 9 (Pie). Volume much lower than before. It helped somewhat when I disabled DVC but then the sound got a bit distorted when playing at higher levels. I tried a bit back and forth and finally decided to turn DVC back on again and try to turn the mobile's output up higher. This worked better, and after a recent Samsung program update (no idea what was changed) in the last few days, the sound is almost back to its best. I still need to have the general audio output on the device higher than normal, but no more sound distortion and I am happy overall. Hope it will work out for others with similar problems too.
  5. Malagant

    Album Art Size Increase

    Does anyone know if this, if it is in the works, will be a general zoom-setting option that will apply to all songs played?
  6. Malagant

    Loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off

    Hi there, am a new user having lurked for several years having used Poweramp several years. Just wanted to inform that I too am having the same problem, tested it just now today. The loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off by itself and needs to be manually turned on every time I want to play music on the loudspeaker. Headphones does not have the same problem, EQ and TONE are default enabled there in my experience. Hope this is something Max is able to fix in a future update. Thanks. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Android 9 (Pie), using Poweramp v3 build 823 full version