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Thumbnail/Album Art


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Oke so i really loved that the app can browse the internet for thumbnails and album arts for the song. ( Worked gr8 in the old versions of the app)

I am using the beta app rn and the UI is just awesome.

The problem is i cant tick the higher resolution album art checkbox. And also the album art window is also a bit slow to load. (i have proper internet)

I hope this post gets some attention and if fixed asap i would greatly appreciate the work ^.^


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3 hours ago, maxmp said:

It uses google, what happens if you search google for that album cover images right from your device browser?

oke so i searched for the song's album art and showed me some results which i think would show up in Poweramp too. so the loading is very slow and the higher res doesnt work.

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2 hours ago, maxmp said:

Images loaded from where they found, that may be slow or fast servers (for you) there is no control over that.

You may try Mobile user agent option in Poweramp album art settings - for cases when something blocks normal searches for you.

k thnx for the info

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