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  1. oke so i found a issue, i connected to wifi and tried using the album art and it worked fine but when i switched to mobile data it then bugs hope it helps
  2. oke so i searched for the song's album art and showed me some results which i think would show up in Poweramp too. so the loading is very slow and the higher res doesnt work.
  3. in the above scrnshot i waited for like 10 secs and 1 or 2 photos show up, eh thats okay if the song is not popular. but when u try to tick the checkbox for higher res. it just bugs up and doesnt work.
  4. Oke so i really loved that the app can browse the internet for thumbnails and album arts for the song. ( Worked gr8 in the old versions of the app) I am using the beta app rn and the UI is just awesome. The problem is i cant tick the higher resolution album art checkbox. And also the album art window is also a bit slow to load. (i have proper internet) I hope this post gets some attention and if fixed asap i would greatly appreciate the work ^.^
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