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Visualizations on PC


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@tuuni If you like the visualizations in PA, why not use the PC program for which the milkdrop format was originally designed - Winamp? It may be old, but it still works very nicely. Or there's a visualization plugin for foobar2000 that allows you to use milkdrop presets in that program too.

Poweramp will never be a native Windows program though, you can only use it on a PC via an emulator or a screen share feature.


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@tuuni a friend is making a music player and it has a spectrum visualizer which you may like https://www.vaimp.ml/

it's a bit awkward to use and not yet finished, the only way to change your music folder after the initial setup is via voice recognition, which is broken, for instance

In this rar there's a special version, if you click F4 you'll see a visualizer with added effects

if you decide to try it please tell me how it goes



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