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  1. @MotleyGSorry, my bad. What I mean is that when exiting the EQ view and swiping the seekbar before the transition finishes it sends you back to the EQ view. It's super nitpicky I know Build 911 play
  2. This is a very, and I mean VERY nitpicky post but it's the only bug I managed to find in the latest version poweramp slide bug.mp4
  3. @tuuni a friend is making a music player and it has a spectrum visualizer which you may like https://www.vaimp.ml/ it's a bit awkward to use and not yet finished, the only way to change your music folder after the initial setup is via voice recognition, which is broken, for instance In this rar there's a special version, if you click F4 you'll see a visualizer with added effects if you decide to try it please tell me how it goes VAIMP_v1.1_developer_build.rar
  4. I'd like to propose a small tweak to the headset buttons options the 1, 2 or 3 clicks option is the most flexible, but it is the slowest one to pause if someone is calling you (especially on bluetooth) since it waits for the absence of the second click to pause the single click with long press is the one I'm using, but it can't go to the previous track what if the 3 clicks option didn't wait for the second click to pause? that would make it the ideal (reposted, wrong category)
  5. The auto eq idea is brilliant, most mics have a pretty flat response
  6. Build 889 When using the custom volume panel, the UI completely freezes up during the time the knob is supposed to show up I find it kind of funny that this update fixed the option that was just above it Anyways, Max probably is aware of this already, but just in case And the volume levels option works great now, thanks for the support!
  7. @andrewilley Thank you too, the rollback was successful, that feature is quite handy
  8. I have been using volume levels for a long time, after updating to the latest version it no longer works, I'll be rolling back. Build 888 arm32 play Moto G5 plus Android 8.1
  9. You can A) Reduce your brightness Switch off always on display C) Put a visualizer with faded controls so that the ui dissapears
  10. I thought it would be a good addition to have the limiter not only show when it's kicking in, but also once it reduces de volume to avoid distortion, instead of raising it back up quickly make it so that it slowly turns up the volume let's say over the course of a minute. I imagine it as having a % number next to the limiter button, if it says 100% the limiter hasn't affected the volume
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