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I just got a new phone that came loaded with Oreo.  Downloaded a copy of Poweramp 2 and transferred the license.

My problem is that the widget drawer has no Poweramp playlist widget.  I really, really need that widget, as I have 400 playlists I'd like the simple access that the widget allows. (I organize them into genre folders.) I hate having to scroll through 400 playlists in one long list.

Does the Poweramp playlist widget not work with Oreo?

If it is supposed to, how can I get that widget?

Also, will it be available in Poweramp 3?

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There are a few issues with Oreo at the moment, which will be solved via the v3 project rather than v2. I wasn't aware that the Playlist widget did not work though. You could try the alpha-test build 704 (from the Downloads tab at the top of this page), but please make sure that if any of your playlists are internally generated within PA (i.e. not based on .M3U, etc files) then you export them as file backups first. Export Settings too if you have a lot of EQs/etc set up.


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Thank you so much for the quick answer.  All my playlists are m3u.  And I'm just beginning to develop some EQ settings, as this is a new phone that is substantially better sound-wise than the old one.  I have no problem waiting to do that.  The presets that come in the package are fine for my purposes and are not associated with any playlists.

FYI, it appears all the other widgets show up in the widget drawer.  

Also, in case this matters, the new phone is an HTC U11 Life.

Is the playlist widget a separate file?  If you tell me where I might find it, or even just give me its name, I could tell you whether it even got installed on this phone.

I'm a little wary of installing alphas on my phone, but would be happy to try the beta when it becomes available.  In fact, I'll be happy to report back about the playlist widgets once the beta is released.

By the way, none of this is an emergency.  If I don't have playlist widgets for a few weeks I will survive.  I'm glad to know they aren't going away.

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