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  1. The beta that was downloaded a couple of days ago screws up my playlist system. I want to go back to 2.x. Just trying to install from an old APK doesn't work. Do I have to uninstall the new beta? Will that mess up anything?
  2. I got a new phone in May. Transferred my license from the old phone to the new. At first I couldn't get playlist widgets on the new device, which is a big deal because I have over 500 playlists. The playlist widget didn't appear in the Poweramp widget group. I then added the Nova launcher to my system, specifically to see if I could get the playlist widget. Bingo, that worked beautifully. I spent the hours it takes to make and drag 500+ widgets into folders on my desktop. This morning, out of nowhere, the icon for Poweramp, and on the widgets, looked slightly different. Wor
  3. An alpha version of 3 was installed on my phone yesterday - I did not request it. It still does not supply a playlist widget.
  4. Thank you so much for the quick answer. All my playlists are m3u. And I'm just beginning to develop some EQ settings, as this is a new phone that is substantially better sound-wise than the old one. I have no problem waiting to do that. The presets that come in the package are fine for my purposes and are not associated with any playlists. FYI, it appears all the other widgets show up in the widget drawer. Also, in case this matters, the new phone is an HTC U11 Life. Is the playlist widget a separate file? If you tell me where I might find it, or even just give me its nam
  5. I just got a new phone that came loaded with Oreo. Downloaded a copy of Poweramp 2 and transferred the license. My problem is that the widget drawer has no Poweramp playlist widget. I really, really need that widget, as I have 400 playlists I'd like the simple access that the widget allows. (I organize them into genre folders.) I hate having to scroll through 400 playlists in one long list. Does the Poweramp playlist widget not work with Oreo? If it is supposed to, how can I get that widget? Also, will it be available in Poweramp 3?
  6. Thank you. Being a near full-time dork I actually looked for the widget in the Poweramp collection - and didn't see. Near full-time dorks miss almost as much as the full-timers.
  7. I'd like to be able to edit the tags of all the songs in a folder or playlist with a single edit, instead of having to edit each song seperately. In my case, I'd like to change all the Genre tags at once instead of one at a time. Obviously some of the tags wouldn't be editable, such as song name. Lots of tag editors allow you to bulk edit, and just make some of the tags uneditable where that makes sense.
  8. I'd like to be able to place shortcuts to selected playlists on the home screen of my Galaxy S5. That is, I like to sort playlists into folders on the home screen, and I need shortcuts to do that. Thanks for the amazing Poweramp.
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