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Future of Poweramp


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I think this would be a good thing! Poweramp App is by far the best Audio App I have found for Android. But see my desktop is another story, my audio collection is quite massive, so I build these "Virtual CD" playlists. For some reason, power amp and VLC or Media Monkey working together is sorely lacking I'm afraid. In fact, I suspect that Media Monkey is the bastard child of Winamp and VLC, well we can discuss VLC if we became better aquainted. Power Amp has somehow gotten "something" right, I use it in my car and although this may sound corney, my music collection sounds crystal clear, the mid-range has depth and so many tiny details, details that your not supposed to be able to do with digi music files. Perhaps I am just a crazy person or am I making much ado about nothing. After all its just Android doing all the heavy lifting, right?

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